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Welcome to sazlinashaza.blogspot.com
Thursday, 16 January 2014Y
I owed you

Like I said on the caption above " I owed you", and I really mean it. To my mentor, please be nice to me although I didn't greet you warmly. Please make yourself comfortable as there is no worries. Please make this office like yours as you always did previously. Please be strict properly because you have your right to do so. Please be honest and please don't judge for my mistreat. Please take note people often judge people as people also helped people.Please let warmth our conversation like we owned this place.Please let's me pay my owes toward you by proving I am capable.
Please... Please..

Somebody owed you something uncountable in this world,
Knowledge gainer...

♥Pride Nana♥
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Awkward Moment

As-salam and heypp.. it still not too late for me to wish you happy new year. How your New Year's resolution? Didn't it awesome right? Well, I knew it already. For me, it new year, new identity, new resolution and new clothes and new attitudes yet attributes. Who the hell we are to judge other mission, isnt it, in the same time we are a way left behind. I know it and yeah you knew it.  Today should be the best day in my life, MUST, because my favourite mentor is in,a biggest SHOUT OUT to her. But sadly, it happened conversely. Freak! As today is her 3rd day in the office, and the first day in this week I am in, she bumped into me when she entered the office. And I'm utterly SURPRISE+AWKWARD+ASHAMED+PRETEND TO ACT COOL. Blended into something I didn't know what it was, I was plainly said. "huh?......" the most unpredictably. I don't know how to react, turns mentally abused by some and seems like I have no idea which side to choose. Well, we got some arguments and cronies here. The things I don't know to deal was how to act naturally and be myself to those I should stand my own opinion about other without any influence by others. I don't like any biased, but, human tend to choose side.I wanted to welcomed her with a bright feeling but there something whispers in my mind, much like.."Nana is the double-faced and bla bla bla". Needless to say, negativity vibes conquered me. These vibes I never welcome but it always comes no matters what. I can see others eyes' staring like I am buttered her up.Well, I'm not that type. Don't judge me because this is not a court and you're not a lawyer to classified what my faults or crime I did. I should never influenced by those, they just part of my life, drawing some paths.And to her, my mentor, I am sorry, I am human too,I can't decide wisely the action to welcome you. Because I'm in dilemma too, people around scare me like I was doing something wrong went I greet you.

♥Pride Nana♥

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Saturday, 13 July 2013Y
Hi...I'm back


It's been a long,drawn out hot minute and let me first say : I've missed you. But most importantly: you've missed me.  No, what, that's not right. Hey? Let's not get bogged down the details, the point is I'm here and I'm new woman.
That right: a new, fresh faced ( albeit a little more freckled), soul-searching woman with a mission. See, when lose someone important things your life ( death, heartbreak, a friendship breaks up or some combination of three), you're forced to reevaluate your life. Or I chose to do that because the other option-going down the google rabbit hole of "HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE"- became an option that had no end in sight and made me feel lousy for longer than I could stand. And do you know what I realized? I love feeling good. Not only that, I want to fell great about my life, about who I am and about the choices that I've made.

As you probably know, I'm being transacted to other section. And busier than ever sometime makes you feel that you're worth enough to be a great worker. It's like you learn the hardest part, but the end of it you will taste the sweetness of success. Same with you, we have to move on to every gestured of world had treated us. No matter how hard or how callous it was. ok? Bloggerssss, it looks like I tried to be a motivator for the moment. Maybe that was the efect of the freckle starts to blooming on my baby-faced face.Puahhaaaa! Wek! ok, see you next time with fresh and sweet-witty me when I comeback. Will update you soon.

Best regards,
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Monday, 8 April 2013Y
I am not good at any changes

To be true I'm part of greatest denial of my heart. I know it sound crazy but I have to admit. I am not good in everything, though I reminded myself that I can do everything and mastered instantly everything in my life. For this April month, I got a very sensitive issues of my work. Thanks to my boss, the way you ruined my good reputation  for about 3 years I am stick with my department is the best way to condemned me. Firstly, I almost cried myself out as the tasks of alien to me come out and the worst was, when I got the great tutor with instant instruction of my work. I'm screwed. Yes, I did. Thanks a lot. You know what I felt, it like this..
This expression shown how I am right now..Stop stressing me out!
As my great tutor (indeed ) give my instruction that I felt hell constantly comes shackled me down as I got no way to run. He , yes he rules me with the most annoying things. My car for instance broken as he drives it like hell. When we run our times doing our field work, he drives my car like a rally car. It formula one car and then, everything got loose, it's broke my alarm, scratches  everywhere and my exhaust part losing down from it place. I felt like I wanted to killed him and buried him 9 inch from the ground. *killer* killer*.  I imagining how Katie Geldman in Safe haven killed her physic husband. Bang- the shot design for your ego, Bang- for your worst tutor, Bang-for broken down my things..and bang..bang.. and counting.

how dare you?
The task, the tasks.I am not good in it. Every day, I tried my best rebuilt my strength as it weakening day by day. I felt every things seem headed to hell. I am not good on it at all. Last week, I learnt new things, I have to catch every things up in just a week. It like I am swallowing myself  into shredder machine, torn and recycle. Would everyone will give mercy? Never. Do your own business. It's time to burst into lovely little angel in-front of bosses. There no more devil as devil should be vanished.Bang! As I tried to re-capture everything, I missed and longed for my moment when I was in my old workplace. It's haven, but why should I being the first to depart? Why? As there a lot of option and I'm dare to say that I am excellent on it. Am I so stupid till them ditched me to other section?Omg... I am torn!
"Wait Nana, there something you should prove. Something they couldn't imagined that you will excellent and mastered on this". I promise to myself, "being excellent and Don't look back as the history just a reference..Just move ahead". I am excellent, yes, I am! Do what I want to do and don't think too much what people might said because they will talk about you anyway.

Pride Nana♥
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Thursday, 14 March 2013Y
Yesterday's friend might be tomorrow

As we change, so do our friendships. Friendships are not just given, they must be earned and they must be invested in. They are delicate and at times they can either bloom or wither. They don’t bloom without being watered by compassion, understanding, care and laughs.
With this being said, not all friendships can be salvaged. People enter our lives, people exit our lives; such a change is inevitable. People grow, people change and we have to let this happen. Our priorities change, we become busier, sometimes wiser and hopefully clever enough to sometimes see what no longer fits in our lives.
Recently I had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with an old friend, who back in high school was my best friend. We knew each other’s secrets and hopes, invented our own vocabulary and we were inseparable. Fast-forward to the first year of post-high school realities of university and jobs and shifting priorities and our friendship slowly changed. Yet what dramatically changed and eventually ended our friendship was my disapproval of her first boyfriend. As she distanced from me, she attached more to him. Although I may have wanted to shake her up, I let her live her own life and make her own decisions.  Five years later, she is married to him, has a child with him and has converted to his faith.
As I spoke to her recently via a social networking site, I was saddened to discover that the friend I missed and loved was no longer there. I tried futilely to cling onto a memory of her and us and revive that bygone innocence of youth. We weren’t the same girls who lusted over Josh Hartnett and idealistically planned our futures.  In fact, after a few chats, I realised the polar opposites we had become. We could never start afresh as adult friends and go to the movies or grab a coffee because of her changing priorities and newfound religious conservatism.  I grew critical of her radical religious transformation and her smug satisfaction of merely being a wife and mother. I could similarly imagine her being critical of me being unwed (although I’ve been in a long-term relationship) as well as judgement over my vacuous hopes to write professionally whilst teaching.
Although I may not approve of all her choices and she may not approve of or admire mine, I will continue to care for her and wish her only happiness. With that being said, her version of happiness may no longer be my idea of happiness – and that’s fine. While I may wish her a happy birthday and send her periodical greetings, I will accept that some things cannot be resurrected and accept that. Some people and relationships end and we have to accept that; that doesn’t mean all relationships have to end. If we are very lucky, we will be graced with lifelong friendships which need to be sustained with love and nurturing.
Yet sometimes, even when the love and care are there, friendships end and we have to let go. We drift and grow and in the process, we gain and lose people, which is a part of life. The friends you have in your mid-20s are often not the friends you had in your teens and if they are, the dynamics are bound to be different. You don’t incessantly  talk on the phone for three hours a night; you no longer find excitement in the little things like a party.  Instead, you opt for a quiet dinner with your friend and the comfort of flat shoes.
To quote Deborah Reber in Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul, “Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”  You can’t force people to stay, whether they are friends or lovers. In addition, you can’t force them to fit a mould of what you imagine a friend or lover to be like. What you can do is be the best version of yourself and not define yourself through interactions of the past, present or even the future

♥Pride Nana♥
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Saturday, 9 March 2013Y
Be yourself,no matter what, because people will talk about you anyway.

2013-where everything happened. I'am not saying in negative actually but I do feel like this year is very difficult for me, I meant it. For 2013 where I feel that I'm losing friends,then I've get restructuring to another section. I knew it like a taboo for me, I am muslim and I not believe in misfortune or taboo or whatever things that my religion forbade us to believe.
   As 2012 passes by, I feel 2013 is where my eyes wide opened that life isn't easy as its seems. Naturally, I went looking for trouble and get rid for it, but this time it different. I've tangled with something that I can called it totally wrong. In fact, its breaks my heart. I moved out as soon as I could, it creates such a horrible, gnawing feeling that really punches you in the sternum and turns your heart to jelly.
  At times I consider just blinding myself to any topic that would cause me to think negatively of someone I care about. Even if it means not finding out until much later that something isn't right, it doesn't completely matter because one way or another, the truth emerges. Someone either loves you and you have acknowledge your gut response when it tells you something is wrong for you. 
I totally forgot to remind myself that the world isn't limited to just my view. As much as I wanted to enjoy my life, I was too concerned with insecurity and it made me forget to enjoy so many other things like cultivating friendship, being pleasant and fun person and having a vibrant spirit.
   It's ridiculous that I would turn my back a great person, but I did because I was afraid of my own insecurities. We could have remained friends and could have continued talking, joking, and whatever else comes with not being lame. Instead, I'm home this weekend dealing with the repercussions of miscontrued tweets and rearranging my thoughts something better. 
 Everything that I shouldn't felt about myself always flooded me anyway. Like, 
"Hey Nana,you're rotten egg, don't ever to swirling in that group."  I called it self-barrier as it prevent me to be-friend with those around me. Its like a moribund state. YES! It was, as I got tired to get traitor friend and someone insulted you in any how or anything you do. 
  It quite sad, as I back away from hanging out and practice my jokes as I always did, there were nonsense talks behind me. Thanks, this attitude really amazed me. We can know who is friend or not. I'm sad and really move by this gestured but I know sooner or later the truth will be revealed. As being good people promise no harm. It's better to be silent and just do your works whatever hard it is. Sometimes, people might be nice just in front of you but when there were their friends around ( I called it friend guerilla because normally its in group), they will tweeted bullshit about you. 
  I'm hate argument, yes, as I always bare in my mind, argument of something that really ruined your life is wasted. But sometimes, to fight back is essential. I fight back as I need to clear things up, that I am not what the think about. For those who betrayed me, thanks. You showed your true color. I've learned my lesson about letting you make me doubt my worth as friend and I won't make this mistake again. My life screwed, indeed. When I with another person that somebody you don't need to jealous with, you make sounds about us. I knew the malicious words that proceed from your mouth might be naturally things for you. But, it hurt as its gives me a prominent scars. Like, if I get your thing falls, you screamed and make a noise like it was a big deal. Other instance,I said it was secret but you revealed it till I got scolded to someone that don't deserved to interfere in that matter. That's really nice huh? 
  Thanks to you, I got my lesson and it's makes me realized that, the one that you must trust is "YOURSELF" . "YOURSELF" never betraying you. Fact. As Maya Angelou has quotes "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel". Dear myself, be yourself. People will talk whether you're doing bad or good.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013Y
awesome dating

Lupa nak buat entry, semalam saya kuar ngan kawan saya si Aina..Hurm.lama jugak tak jumpa dia.Walaupun pada hakikatnya rumah dia and rumah saya memang dekat. Malas punya pasalla...Aina ni former co-worker sya sblum saya keja ka tempat sekarang ini. So kra macam bertemu di ruang rindu,,echeh,,jiwang la sangat.Banyak benda yang saya kongsikan bersama dia ni,,Almaklumla, semua busier than ever, (saya la terutamanya), jadi masa inilah yang dicari-cari untuk berkongsi cerita. Pastuh, buka satu cerita yang Aina ni sebenarnya da jadi tunangan orang. Dia kongsila hari tu dia tunang buat majlis kecil-kecilan jer, Hanya family jer yang datang, nasib bek saya tak datang ritu, kalo tak confirm malu sbb outsider kan?ahhaha..Cakap pasal tunang ni kan,saya  ini bila la nak bertunang.. Be frank, saya sebenarnya tak ready lagi untuk bertunang ke apa ke..sebab saya rasa perangai saya memang xboleh la nak bertunangan..Nanti orang cepat jeles. Saya banyak berteman, jadi sesaper yang nak jadi tunang saya kenalah terima keadaan saya. So, as precaution saya tak nak bertunang. Kawen terus jelah,tu pun kalo da betol2 ready. Sekarang ini,saya masih nak enjoy every pieces of my single life. Aina, sory yek bukan nak cakap tunang tuh tak sesuai untuk semua, cuma saya belom bersedia nak tunang. oklah, tak yah crita sal tunang tunang, kta cta topic outing ok? haha.. Ritu, masa saya dan Aina keluar,kitorang karaoke..Yey..bestnya..Aina siap cakap lagi sora saya mcm budak2..Ha??Lepas itu, kita makan kat kedai depan supermarket. hurm,,sedap woo dia punya sup tulang.memang double WOW,kenapa erk? sbb penangan dia memang best. Kalo pegi sibu, boleh la pegi dekat warung ni  "SUMBER REZEKI" dekat Wonderful,Jalan Ulu Sungai Merah. Hurm..PErhh.sodap tuh'

dari kiri:Aina and saya

bergambor tu wajib ler kan, walaupun gambar tak la advance macam gambar pakai DSLR..
ambik pun gune hepon murah..

hahah,,nak buat muka lawak cam hodoh la pulak..

pandai pulok kawan ni control depan camera..ohoo..

turn saya pulak nak control..

hahaha..spark grey la..

hermm..ape erk??

♥Pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 22 January 2013Y
Random post

Herm..rini nak update, sekarang ini Saya memang quite busy..Banyak benda kena buat, tak kiralah dari keja ke atau peribadi.Busy like a busy bak kata pepatah orang putih.Hari ini saya temankan cousin saya interview, punye la lama.Best kan?I like Hwaiting..But Waiting k. Tahun 2013 ini, memang busy sekali. Nak cakap saya jenis suka menimbun keja,pagi pagi da saya buka pc and print pastuh called apa yang patut..Tu bukan lagi pat cut,record. JUJUR saya akui saya sekarang ini banyak keja pending, and ada benda akan datang lagi. kawan saya bagitahu, yang data perlu diedit dalam 11K. Banyak seh,keja yang ada belum siap,apa lagi kalau ditambah dengan data yang 11K itu.WOW!!takut nyer mak..Anyway,Ari ini sunggoh happy lorh,sebab kawan saya nak jumpa saya,dua orang..Diorang akan sleep over rumah saya.Best nyer..Ritu saya keluar dengan kawan saya yang sorang,Cikgu Faza(I'm Shaza), pegi jalan jalan cari makan.Best dapat meluahkan isi hati yang tersirat sambil bertukar pendapatkan. Maklumla lama bangat sudah tidak ketemuan. Rindu loe sama dia..Ini gambar kami berdua.Ngee..bergembira tepok tangan sama-sama,kita menari sambil langkah kanan kiri,goyang kanan-kiri(betul ker lyric saya ini?)bedal jelah.


 Dari kiri:Shaza,Faza.Sekian.

eehh..ada lagi la,scroll bawah,k..(baca dalam nada yang gedik)

♥Pride Nana♥ 
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don't ever brag about your life..

The man who built the Titanic was
asked: 'How safe the Titanic will be?'
With an ironic tone he said: "Not
even God can sink it"
We all know what happened to the
Tancredo Neves, President of
Brazil,during a campaign,said: 'He
got 500,000 votes from his
party,not even God will remove him
from Presidency.'
Sure he got the votes,but he got
sick & died a day before being
Cazuza,Brazilian singer &
poet,during a show, while smoking
his cigarette,puffed out some smoke
into the air & said: "God! That's for
He died at the age of 32 of LUNG
CANCER in a horrible manner!
"Do not walk proudly on the earth:
Ur feet can't cleave the earth, nor
can U attain the stature of

♥Pride Nana♥
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Monday, 21 January 2013Y
Segmen up follower dengan sepantas kilat II

ok,nih post yang saya dapat update dari bloggie my kakak angkat,si kanda siti hawa..oK,korang nak tahu tak,nilah salah satu cara nak menggegarkan blog anda..ngeee..saya da tengok memang apa yang tuan blog kat link bawah ni janjikan memang ditepati..Jom la share link kat bawah ini..dok pun korang jengok2 la blog dia..memang best..Very Good and excellent doctor to be..


Jom kita serbu dan join segmen ni..klik pada banner di atas untuk ekot serta ok..nak tambah follower...maklumlah follower blog saya sikit je...hehehe...usaha keras ni :)


♥Pride Nana♥
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My friend is a newly wed..kepak kepak kepung

Yeppi, We wish you  very happy happy wedding day and you will good enough to be a wife..llalala..(nyanyi nyanyi dalam hati)...19hb saya pergi kenduri kahwin kawan kita si Mardiyah.. The wedding is quite simple and but atleast she can gather all base elements of wedding. Like, invite friends, throw a party  and  make love..(this is just kidding)..i was wore a confident brown dress..It was FOC from my sister, a gift from Bandong, Indonesia ..It was glad to see my friend being a queen sitting with her man that day.. I was sat at the floor hoping I can captured and photo snapped all the scene..But,all gadgets cannot compile what was seen in front of our eyes..Heeeee..Just make my words sound cheesy,hehhe..Here the picture..OK,let scroll down..
From left:it me,Mardiyah (queen of the day), Nurul Husna, Ika Sulaiman and Juriyah Mujarhi.

Ok, Take a look at a girl in the midst of us, She is my former classmate and roommate in my secondary school. I got no idea how can she be my BFF's (Mardiyah) cousin.  Here the story begun, I sat at the living room where all the crowds were sat. Then, a strange voice called my name, frequently. Sound like "Shaza,Shaza,psst Shaza".."I just herm..it's not mine,don't you easily perasan"-monologue. Then, someone tapped me on the shoulder, it's her, and after a few questions were made, I just found out that she's the bride cousin from both of their parents. It's was my lucky coincident.
Then, as a LONG-TIME-NO-SEE friend, we take pictures and exchange our phone numb to keep in-touch.. Thanks God, you showered me with good things beyond everything..

snap Snap snap..shot..
I got you scroll down peeps..

Tralalala..It's done..Bubye...See ya..Ngee..To Mardiyah,You always be part of me,bestie..
I'm stick with you with or without your husband..Saranghea..

♥Pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 15 January 2013Y
my expectation is too high atau aku ker yang tlalu berharap?

Actually,banyak benda saya nak ucapkan,Pertama sekali, Alhamdulillah sbb family saya selamat pulang dari China,saya sangat mencintai mereka. Memang la hepi,till something cerita yang sunggoh kejam dan saya tak dapat nak senyum sangat berlaku..My sister teased me about my birthday gifts, I feel like a thousand of knives mencucuk dada saya. At first,saya berasa excited bila kakak saya cakap yang dia suruh saya balik then jumpa mak..Pastuh saya tanya, I wan't my birthday gifts,ok? it gifts not a gift..Then,she replied, How come,it just one present from me and one from mum.. Hurm,I felt my high expectation of gifts and souvenir is gone..I just feel i was abandoned..even this case getting worst as I feel that I am their lost kin..I wanted a special gift as my birthday present..not like the same souvenir with others.Rasa nak nangis pun ada,asa macam diri ini jenis kuat merajok la pulak kan..anak manja la sangat..Memang saya akui dulu I am a spoil brat in my family.Tapi sekarang keadaan da berubah sebab saya sekarang suka menyendiri dan kakak pun sukar nak jumpa saya my workplace distance.It's kinda barrier. Saya bukan tak syukur ke apa,tapi I got a very high expectation about my present since a day before the got their vacation,she'd said that she will get me a best present.I still keep that text ..."ok,budak kecik..I'll give you a best present you will ever got..." Kind of hope or something. Sekarang ini pulak da lain,dia cakap dia beli utk semua family.What?So,it's a souvenir,not a present..I felt sad.Where is the special if I got the same gift with others..I felt a bit jealous with my other part of siblings,they got bags,they got a gifts on their birthday,but when come to me,I got a present that equal to others.Are you kidding me sis?
My hope is no joke.I need my gift as special treat for my bday as the other siblings got it before.
you gave me a hope.
♥Pride Nana♥
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Sunday, 13 January 2013Y
awak sunggoh annoying la.

13/01/2012 (as I am leave for my solat-girl prob I woke up late about 11.30 am) 
Before that,1045 am
HTB(short form of Hubby to be):Morning..Ily..imy..emuuahha..Apa mimpi?
Saya hrmmmm..buat tak tahu..silent kan phone sebab saya kenal sangat peel manusia sorang nih..
then, a few miss called where made. Hurmm.. I almost killed my phone..Then, I switched off the phone and recharge both myself n the phone.. hehe..

Bangun bangun,saya terus kemas rumah..then buat apa yang patut..
0245 pm-unplug my phone charger.
++switched on++
HTB:Where have you been?
a few minute after, there a few miss called where made repeatedly.

Saya:Kat rumah.. Perlu ker miskol banyak kali?
HTB:Kenapa baru reply?
Saya:Saya tak suka awak miskol..paham tak?
HTB:Saya takut awak pengsan kat rumah..Tu la yang best giler awak nih..(alasan yang sungguh tak logik)
---silent fills the air----
Another shots of missed call. I'm getting annoyed.
Saya:Awak,saya tak suka awak miskol saya,,awak tahukan kepantangan saya.Jangan nak buat isu,saya tak nak gaduh.
HTB:Awak kenapa?Nak gaduh erk?
Lagi dia reply:Awak kat mana?
Saya:eii..awak tahu tak,bukan awak ajer yang saya nak layan dalam hidup ni..baju saya melambak lam washing machine,perut saya minta diisi..so takkan la awak tak paham keja sorang perempuan kot.Tiap hari gaduh pasal miskol,awak tak faham bhasa ker?(berharap dia baca dalam intonasi yang keras).
HTB: Petang nanti jumpa..(miskol lagi)

Saya:Awak ingat awak sorang jer boleh buat macam ni,ok nanti kalau awak nak jumpa saya,saya kunci gate rumah..supaya awak tunggu sorang2 kat luar..
HTB:Awak ingat erh..(saya baca text dia macam mengugut)
Saya:ok.saya ingat,petang nanti saya tak nak kluar la,,rumah saya kunci,there no access for you.

hurmm...inilah contoh kejadian miskol yang saya x suka sangat. Kitorang tiap hari begaduh pasal miskol..

Hari ini saya gaduh dengan Mr. hubby to be.. Saya paling pantang kalo orang miskol saya in a way to get me reply his text. You know kan, saya jenis yang bukan fokus pada mesej jer lam idup ni..banyak benda kena buat,plus, we are girl.. so there is no malas malas word in our life,maksud saya malas nih, nak bermesej jer 24 jam..heii..I am fully grown girl,so I need to cook for my dishes, I need to wash my clothes n I need to work out my muscles to keep fit.Kadang-kadang saya tak paham dengan perangai budak lelaki, entahlah kalau lelaki lain tak macam tu. Dia tahu saya paling x suka di miskol tapi kenapa yer.. dia asyik buat menda yang saya tak suka n paling saya pantang.. Saya ok jer kalo orang termiskol dengan niat memang nak kol, tapi kalau orang nak missed call dengan niat nak mendapat perhatian boleh blah la.saya bukan jenis suka nak berkepit dengan telefon 24jam.Sorry la sebab hari ini saya post rasa tak pueh hati den lam blog k..awak, awak tahu tak,awak tu annoying sangat hari ini..kenapa erk,awak tetap tak faham tiap hari saya marah awak benda yang sama..awak tak faham bahasa melayu ker.saya selalu cakap kalo saya tak reply maknanya saya ada keja nak buat.Awak nak saya cakap lam bahasa Korea, boleh..nanti awak jugak melopong tak tahu.Pa pun jam da pukul 4.30 pm, saya nak kluar dengan HTB ler,,hehe,,nak beli barang untuk hadiah perkahwinan my bestie, Mardiyah binti Mujarhi..

.♥Pride Nana♥
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Buku Yang saya Baca

Ok, rini saya nak cakap lam bahasa melayu la,.xnak la cakap bahasa orang puteh..orang puteh la sangat..semalam,kiter outing dengan encik hubby to be..Pegi Public book Store, teringat kat minah indon yang keja kat bawah office kitorang.. Dia penah tanya kalo boleh dia nak pinjam buku agama dengan saya, so as a muslimah,take this responsibility, saya pun cari-cari ler buku agama.. SO then, saya belek punya belek, rembat satu buku namely Tanda-Tanda Kiamat ,Tanda Kecil dan Tanda besar penerbitan dari al hidayah. At first, saya berminat dengan buku Yakjuj Makjuj tapi harga buku tu agak mahal (tengah bulan beb) so saya fikir next gaji saya nak belilah.Ermm..panjang la saya punya ermm..Korang ada rasa pelik tak kalau tengok orang yang bukan dari agama kita berminat nak baca buku dari agama kita? Saya bukan nak cakap yang benda ni mustahil,tapi penilaian saya tengok pelik jer bila tengok seorang yang saya tahu dia bukan dari agama kita baca buku islamik dengan kusyuk sangat. Don't judge me ok?i believe in Hidayah. Sebenarnya, saya kagum dengan seorang lelaki cina yang berada di tempat buku agama (islam la) dia baca buku tu sampai tak berganjak,since saya belek-belek kan, dia kusyuk sangat baca buku Yakjuj dan Makjuj. Mula saya tak perasan buku yakjuj makjuj tu,then bila saya tengok dia baca, I felt what? this is for real ? mcam tulah monolog dalaman dalam hati saya kan..nggeeee..He maybe a Christian who tries to dig about Yakjuj Makjuj( Gog and Magog)..Since,dalam Bible pun ada gak benda ni. So dalam hati penuh misteri dan wasangka bermonolog, ni pengkaji agama ker aper..Haraplah dia dapat hidayah lepas baca buku tuh. Perghh..it's not like I am not believe in miracle or such a thing.. saya bukan prejudice atau racist, tapi baguslah, mana tahu itu medium hidayah dia kalo dia baca buku tuh, Hidayah tu kuasa Allah kan?siapalah kita nak mempersoalkan.. Sekarang ini,saya tengah membaca buku yang saya beli, Saya pilih buku ni sebab hari kiamat kan tak pernah siapa pun tahu. So, benda benda ghaib inilah yang saya nak baca and fahami. Happy reading nana..

♥Pride Nana♥
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Broken hearted

Ok,to start, there a lot of matters distract me so much. It was friendship matter. Hermm,,,Have you ever felt that sometimes you chose the wrong friends? I did, and I felt a big mistake to approached someone that hurt you the most. I try to accept any manners or bad behaviours of 'em but when come to something sensitive such as making fool of my family in  away that they thought amused, its really drives my madness. Just pretend that I never feel any resentment I bitterly swallowed it. I'm not a person who love a chaos line cross my friendship, but i think they just gone too far. It's not cool to make fool of your friends(the way she though it funny to uploading some pictures that inappropriate for me). I just feel sometimes it's better i never involved in 'em once but who am I to rejected them?I'm the one who cohort with, and I'm sometimes being a mastermind with them. So,there no way to turn back,or any U-turn in my real life. I just want to stop but they all I have. In fact, I scared of loneliness, the reality my pride is teared-up.it's true people said that,to built a friendship it needed a whole life,but to destroy it,it just need one second..(i couldn't remember the real phrase about it..)but at least you can figure out what I mean. I do feel angry but I just keep it because I think I don't want to be a person who always sulked, because I hate to relieve someone in sulked. I don't want to treat someone the way I hate to be treated. I had long taught of this matter,too sensitive,but when I asked others they said I have a right to angry with 'em because making fool of family is a biggest and sensitive matter. To my heart, I don't want to break you and they don't worth enough to break us,we deserve someone better. Just take it as it nothing compare to how they will lose a trust of their friend,won't we? Just to say that I love my heart beats normally. To heart, stop crying and stop being such a brat. You have fully grown in a body of someone tough to take a risks and riddles encircle of our life. 

♥Pride Nana♥
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Saturday, 10 November 2012Y
for broken hearted girl

Can you lend your ear for a minute? This song is really heartrending song I've heard. It's played repeatedly on my lappy, car and mobile phone. I loved this song since 1 Nov 2012(even this song published maybe a year before,maybe?) since my friend playing cool shoulder on me, For unknown reason. So sad..=(.

    Being neglected by your friends(especially the one you loved the most) is hurt.It burn out your mind and sometimes effected your whole life entirely. (grrr-I just imagine making angry sound by Spongebob pet's-Gary...).It like buried yourself alive to see your friend laughed at others meanwhile at the same time,they gave opposite feedback to you. I never blame her on what was going on,I just blame myself,maybe my attitude drive the madness and angst in hers. IDK,I just assume it to be that way. You know how I loved every friendship of my life,it's infinity. I promise to myself I'll seeking a friend till the end of the time(eheee..Like the current title of the movie). I know, it sound crap,but I do. As long as I can,I will depend any friendship in my life,my target at the first place is, 
♥be-friend with anyone..and always be.
♥To be enemy of nobody.(the same meaning of never find enemy and foe,in short, ENEMY-Zero)
Hurm, recently, she back,normal and gave me the same friendly smile and feedback as I wish to GOD to bring back her smile in my life. I promise to myself I will change my bad behaviour,(mood swinging,perhaps)..VANISH ENTIRELY,NO STAIN LEFT. I hope everyone surround me do love me as I did. I love 'em very much.

For your pleasure, as my ears got a real pleasure listened to this song, I hope you enjoy it.DO research for it meaning,ANNYEONGSEYO.

♥Pride Nana♥


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Saturday, 13 October 2012Y
TROUBLE the Travelling

Well, it's us..the trio of peer + co worker. Herm..it was very awful when people surround you take for granted to whatever they done. My tranquillity got affected after I know they things I don't know (our travelling programme). can you imagine? I am the one who know nothing about this programme, though I will drive car to reach there. It was another kind of annoying matter and I don't know how to characterise this person was. What is the purpose that she made this kind of attitude? She might to get credits in-front of our boss. Yes, you can get it as much as you wish, I don't car either. But please be nice to anyone else. Pushing someone to make their like moribund or lazy bone is not a way. I admitted you are sweet-mouthed person which very EXCELLENT in butter someone's up. WELL, that's you. Just ask yourself,if  you're really sincere for what you did, you never let your partner be fall and crush like they are nothing in-front of your higher authority. Just to say, there are rotation system in our world. You're not always at the top.Who know, how long you can withstand with your attitude. Thanks.. Once again, You want to know the truth? I fell nothing about this after a long thought,preparation somehow can make me ready to get any implication of being partner with you. It's not just me that you're monkeying with, there a lots. and worst part, you condemned them. Last, at least I have a lot of friends surrounding me making my life colourful, than you left alone with no friend alongside. You just pursue your own victory without think how important is the friendship is.. Thanks to you, cause, my heart will be ease to please you after this. THAT ARE FRIEND SHOULD BE!


  ♥Pride Nana♥

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Friday, 12 October 2012Y
to you..somebody that I used to closed to


This picture is taken and has been stolen from Mr. Google,thanks google.

To person that I loved so much( in a good way)..This is dedicated to you.

To start, I would like to apologise for any rudeness and ignorance I've ever met. Maybe, my ego is mounted up and posses my mind,It's controlled everything inside. I knew it my fault,my ego is starts to control everything. WHY? because my love feeling toward you sometimes leads to jealousy. You know how much you mean to me? A lot, you're like a treasure gold in deep of the sea.  I have to swim deeper to get your heart, but, my mind freaking me about how sad it could be if I am the one who left nothing. Crucial to win your heart, to get you to be my BEST FRIEND I  ever got,but you've spotted my weakness and saw how playful plus fool I was. You never see how I appreciated you, I can accept any flaw, imperfection and every wicked part of you. Am I the one who never change or you just playing ignorance, and there come the" Brand New Me". Yes, I do, I transform to be new me. Keeping a distance and gap between us is the best way to torture you. Am I am fool? No!!I want you to feel the feeling of losing someone you love. Somehow, my feedback will be very ill-mannered and I do feel sorry to see your face full with curiosity and confusing, but I'M SATISFIED,at least it give you times to think...EVIL MAY CARE?. To hurt you is the best way to know how much you love me..Thanks.Jahat kan saya?..taklah jahat sangat kan,kalo saya jahat lame da dier saya buang jauh2.

God Bless you,may your friend will makes you happy, even my heart screaming it should be me.

♥Pride Nana♥

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Song,for sure, i loved

        Talking about Music,there a greater amounts of artist worldwide, its needed more hard work to be known, as I browse internet, there are about a million You tube celebrity. But, they somehow trying to be the original singer for the song that they are cover for, so they don't have any originality. I don't owned any song and sorry for being such a brag(if so), but you tube artist, please find your own identity. I want to see more than ordinary cover there. Please make yourself suit with your genre. You can create your own personality instead of imitating others. You are good enough,then why don't you give yourself your own standard as you are the performer to be right.
    Kpop... The topic i loved to share with you guy, maybe some of you think about Gangnam Syle, yess, i did it too..hahha.. Stop laughing! There so much Kpop culture in Malaysia nowadays , as people in my country got K-pop waves fever, including I,myself. Stop judging, OK? Kpop is OK. I am not a great fan either but now I am really love to seek and sometimes make a little peep to this song. I know it sound like denial,but waits,Ok,OK,I admit, I am Kpop lover, still I am a beginner. How it start? since my astro package is consisted of MTV and Hitz, I always watched this channel as I wish my favourite tunes will be play on it. But, this Kpop is really genuinly smart and intelligent, I just watched it, seeking for connection to this tunes, and i getting fall and fall in love again with them. At first, I hate K-pop being played, it's crap to me. With an annoying auto tune,then, dancing and jumping here and there,IN SHORT,I really hate this music. But, as I tried to make evenness to the music, it's actually cool. Dancing, Jumping and autotune is K-pop identification. Its not K-pop at all if the performance is not in that way. K-pop I fall in love with you, your music like no other.
    English Music, let me think first..Herm.. I loved it since I was young. This music really rock my life. I love it.LOVE LOVE. There a thing that you should know, I am Miley Cyrus die-hard-fan. Even people out there, judge Miley is a girl gone wild, but it never affect me. Be strong Miley. I loved you the way you are. Guy, stop judging?OK. I know some people tried them best to make Miley be hatred by her fan,the method (which is an annoying method to me): make some Video on You tube,comparing Miley and Selena gomez. They're friend,they don't need to be foe to each other. I love both Selena and Miley. They are too cute till you could jump into the Pavillion corridor for their cuteness(haha..this is metaphore ,just ignore it). Have you seen Miley new cover? "Lilac Wine". Oh My God, I want her to make this genre to be hers. She nailed it. Here the song of her singing "Lilac Wine".I got you scroll here..


 ♥Pride Nana♥
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Monday, 8 October 2012Y
crazy,deadly bored

 I don't know what to post but my head keeps lingering a word to simplify how I felt today. I felt nothing. You know what it's mean? I feel deadly bored. I am no longer amused today,as there nothing to impress me.Plus, my sound devices on my PC is malfunctioned. So ,i can't listened to music that's dearly and nearly to my heart. Hence the internet connection is too slow,its make me feel so sooooooooo Bored. oo,it killing me here.Ok,time's up,I need to pack my bag.It's time to leave.
Love y'll.

♥Pride Nana♥
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Friday, 6 April 2012Y
what actually happened to our world?



A Russian woman has been found guilty of killing her newborn girl and keeping her body in a freezer for five years. A court in northern Russia found Lyudmila Smirnova, 37, guilty of killing her child by smothering her with a cloth shortly after giving birth in 2007.The body was kept in a freezer until it was discovered by Ms Smirnova’s partner last year.It's believed the unidentified partner pulled the body out of the freezer, thinking it was meat he could cook. The court took into account the fact that Ms Smirnova pleaded guilty and has two other children when it handed down a 22 month suspended sentence. The sentence follows last week's news of a Russian man who admitted killing at least six people before eating their hearts and livers. The case of Russia's "cannibal serial killer", Alexander Bychkov has shocked the nation after he was arrested last week. Bychkov wrote in a diary of his crimes that he turned to murder after his girlfriend left him for being "a wimp". Bychkov, 23, was arrested for shoplifting but then told police that he had buried bodies in his backyard in Belinsky, a town some 630 km southeast of Moscow, a spokeswoman for the investigative committee charged with the case said. "Six bodies were found buried there," she said, adding that the death toll might be higher still. She said investigators were looking into media reports the killer cut out his victims' livers and hearts and ate them. In passages from his diary leaked to Russian media, Bychkov said his girlfriend had kicked him out. "She said I was a wimp, not a wolf ... I will show her ... Maybe she will stop complaining and understand that I am a lone wolf." In 2007, a Russian serial murderer convicted of killing 48 people was jailed for life. Alexander Pichushkin bragged he had no regrets and said killing was like falling in love.Russian media called him the "chessboard murderer" because he said he planned to kill 64 people - one for each square on the board.

THIS IS CHACHAPOYA MUM.THIS IMAGE IS TAKEN FROM MR GOOGLE.sorry, i do it on purpose for sure.heee..thanks google.

My comment:if you're dracula, I will plant my farm to shot you by the fire.ooo..forgot,you are not a zombie at all.

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arghh..what happen to our world..

♥Pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 10 January 2012Y
Fairy story(Aisya and Chinta Part II)

The king, afraid of losing his casks full of gold pieces ,consented and Aisya was commanded to appear. She came trembling and looking round vainly for Prince Khautsar. The cruel Chinta oredered four women, ugliest as witches ,to take her and strip her fine clothes ,and whip her with rods till her white shoulders were red with blood. But lo! as soon as the rods touched her, they turned into bundles of feathers, and women tired teamselves to death with whipping , without hurting Aisya the least to the world.
" Ah, kind Khautsar, what do I not owe you? What should I do without you," sighed the princess, when she taken back to her own chamber and her nurse. And then she saw the prince standing before her in his green dress and white plume the most charming pages. Khautsar advised her to pretend illness and account to the cruel treatment she  was supposed to have received,which so delighted Chinta, that she got well all the sooner,and the marriage was celebrated with great spendlour.
  Soon after the king, who knew that his wife's weak point was her vanity , gave a tournament, at which he order six bravest knights of the court to proclaim the Queen Chinta of the court to proclaim that the Queen Chinta was the fairest lady alive. No knight venture to dispute her fairnesssay to Princess Aisya!
The princess, who sat behind her step mother ,felt sure that the unknown knight was Khautsar ;but dare to say nothing. The contest was fixed for next day,but in the meantime, Chinta , wild with anger,commanded Aisya to be taken in the middle of the night to a forest a hundred leagues distant ,full of wolves,lions, tigers

♥Pride Nana♥


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Sunday, 8 January 2012Y
Fairy Story(Aisya and Chinta) part 1

    Once upon a time there lived a king and queen,who had an only daughter. Her incomparable beauty,sweetness and intelligence caused her to be by named Aisya (Named after wife of Muhammad P.b.u.h). She  was all her mother's joy. Every day she had given her a different dress,of gold brocade,velvet and satin; yet she was neither conceited nor boastful. She used to pass her mornings in study, and in the afternoon she sat sewing by queen's side. She had,however,plenty a play-time,and sweetmeats without end,so that she was altogether the princess alive.
    At the same court was an elderly young lady named Chinta,who was the very opposite of Aisya. Her hair was feiry red with dye,her face fat and spotty. Her mouth was so big that you might have thought she could eat you up, only she no teeth to do it with,she was humpbacked and lame.Of course she could not help her ugliness and nobody would help her ugliness,and no body would disliked her by that,if she had not been such an unpleasant temper that she hate everything sweet and beautiful especially Aisya. She had also a good opinion of herself, and anyone praised the princess,would say angrily, "That the lie! My little fingers worth her whole body."
     In course of time the queen fell sick and died ,her princess was almost broken-hearted. So was her husband for a year, and then he began to comfort himself by hunting. One day, after long chase,he came to a strange castle,which happened to be that the Chinta. She informed of his approach, went out to meet him, and received him most respectfully. As he was very hot with hunting, she took him into coolest place in the palace, which was vaulted with cave,most elegent furnished,where there were two hundred barrels arranged in long rows.
      "Madam, are these yours?' inquired the king.
      "Yes,sir,but I shall be most happy if you will condescend to taste their contents. Which dates do you prefer-YUSUF TAIYOOB, FLEA MARKET, AND NADIA?" and see run over a long list,out of which his majesty made his choice.
    Chinta took a little hammer and struck "tock tock," on the cask,from which there rolled out a handful of silver money.
     "Nay,what is this?" said she,smiling, and passed on the next, from which ,when she tapped it, out poured a stream of gold coins.
     "I never saw the like--what nonsense!' and she tried the third,out which came a heap of pearls and diamonds,so the floor of the cave was strewn with them.
      "Sir," she exclaimed.
      "Someone has robbed me of my good dates, and put the rubbish in its place"continued her.
      "Rubbish, madam!Why such rubbish would buy my whole kingdom"
      "It is yours,Sir," replied Chinta, "if you will make me your queen."
      The king, who was a great lover of money, replied eagerly, "Certainly,madam, I'll marry you tomorrow is you will."
     Chinta highly delighted,made one other condition--that she should have Princess Aisya entirely her own rule and power,just as she had been her real mother;to which the foolish king consented,for he thought more riches than he did of his child. So he and Chinta departed hand in hand of cave,very well pleased.
   When the king returned home, Aisya run overjoyed welcome her father, and asked him if he had good sport in his hunting.
   "Yes my child,"said he,"for I have taken a dove alive."
   "Oh,give it to me,I will nourish and cherish it"cried the princess.
   "That impossible;for it is the duchess Chinta, whom I have promised to marry."
   "She a dove!--she is rather a hawk,"sighed the princess in despair;but her father bade her hold her tongue,and promise to love her stepmother,who have over her all authority of a mother, and to whom he wished to present her the very day.
    The obidient princess when to her apartment,where her nurse soon found the sorrow in her face,and its cause.
   "My child." said the good old woman,"princess ought to show a good example to humbler woman. Promise me to please your father, and make yourself agreeable to the stepmother he has chosen for you. She may not be so bad after all."
    And the nurse gave so much good advise , and Aisya began to smile, and dressed herself in the best attire, a green robe embroidered with gold;while she fair with her scarf ,according to the fashion of the day, which she pinned and coronet with  dangling lily-figured brooches, of which the leaves were made of a large emeralds.
    Chinta,on her part,made the best of herself that was possible. She put on a high-heeled shoe to appear less lame,she padded her shoulders,dye her hair auburn with pink-highlighted,and put blue lenses in her eyes,her eyes was weighing with false eyelashes,then dressed herself in a hooped petticoat of violet satin trimmed with blue,and upper gown of yellow with red ribbons.
   In this costume,she wished to enter the city on horseback, as she understood the queens were in habit doing.
  Meantime, Aisya waited in fear the moment of her arrival, and pass the time away, she went alone into little wood, where she sobbed and wept in secret ,until suddenly there appear before her young face, whom she had never seen before.
   "Who are you?" she inquired,"and when did his majesty take you into his service?"
    "Princess,"calmly voice from page,bowing " I am the one's service but your own. I am Khautsar , a prince in my own country,so that there no inequality of rank between us. I have loved you longed, and see you often,for I have fairy gift that can make me invisible. I might longer have concealed myself from you,but for your present sorrow,in which,however, I hope to be of both comfort and assistance--a page and yet a prince, and faithful lover."
    At these words, at once tender and respectful,the princess, who had long heard of the fairy-prince Khautsar,felt so happy that she feared Chinta no more. They talked a little while together, and they returned to the palace, where the page assisted her to mount her horse;on which she looked so beautiful,that all the new queen's splendours faded into nothing comparison,and no one of the courtiers had eyes for any except Aisya.
   As soon as Chinta saw it, "What!" cried she, "has this creature the impudence to be better mounted than myself! Descend, Miss, and let me try your horse;--and your page,whom everybody thinks so much of,bid him come and hold my bridle."
   Prince Khautsar ,who was a page,cast one look at his fair Aisya and obeyed;but no sooner the new queen to be mounted,then the horse run away with her and dragged her over briers,stones, and mud,and finally threw her into deep ditch. Her head was cut several places, and her arm fractured. They picked her up in little pieces,like broken glass;never was there a poor bride in worse plight. But in spite of her sufferings her malice remained. She sent for the king.
   "This is Aisya's fault;she wished to kill me. I desire that your majesty will punish her,or leave me to do it--else I will certain will revenged upon you both."

To be continued..Don't forget to follow this.
♥Pride Nana♥


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Wednesday, 14 December 2011Y
Nagging Feeling

Hello.I hope I found you in the best mood. It not a really best today. As usual my task is just dialing with my client. To gather the information,some effort really needed. It was annoying when someone look at me with cynical view. I know u really feel annoyed when I used our office telephone. What the problem ha?it is official matter. What the hell? You want me to abide every thing you want. Hello, Mr-Know-it-all  (it seems),don't you read what is on General Order book??? For official matters, as long as the effort we do to obtain our target,it not wrong to ring the client. Still, you defend your ego. What the hell? I don't care if I don't get APC either,but as long as I do the right thing you don't have a right to prevent me. Such a trouble some!! I know maybe my words today is seem like sarcastic to you. But I really mean it,in-fact you are clever enough to remark. Such a political satire. I don't mind if I get low score for my performances,and not surprising,I know my score is low because you have a hatred feeling toward me.Thanks,I hate you so much even you say that actually you acted professional. Herk?choking on your word.JERKY! Such a bias, well,your friend( a really friend,is there any?) got a highest score and i really don't mind. Our earth is circle,sometimes we're at top and sometimes we at the bottom.ha ha ha..you know what?sometimes I wish you don't exist at all. I wish that you gone forever in my life. Having you playing role in my life is irritating , annoying, heart-aching and what so ever related to angst feeling.Back to the topic,I hate you restrained us using office telephone. you want your name to be touted in praise. Bodo! Ko ingat ko sorang jak idup di dunia ka? ko ingat suma orang dapat ikut semua arahan demi memberi kredit untuk ko..Ko x dapat pijak kepala aku,k.Ko sapa?kalau nak hormat,jaga dulu perasaan orang sekeliling.Bukan main beri arahan yang macam cipan..Jangan bodo sangat la.

 ♥Pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011Y
naturactor Original Vs Naturactor Tiruan (Malay translation)

Baru-baru ini terdapat banyak sahabat handai,kenalan dan anda semua bercerita mengenai produk naturactor. Bercakap tentang produk tersebut saya telah meneliti di dalam internet web sebenar produk ini.Hasilnya,saya akan beritahu korang , OK?

Warna terang untuk mencipta keindahan hidup

 Falsafah Meiko

Daxing Jalan Sdn Bhd, telah menjadi keperluan wanita Asia solekan, keluaran seiring dengan trend fesyen antarabangsa, mematuhi dan meningkatkan keselamatan dan keberkesanan konsep produk, untuk memastikan berkualiti tinggi kualiti produk.

Nombor Daxing adalah Meiko Kosmetik, Inc (terang kosmetik syarikat di Jepun) Produk pelbagai warna terang NATURACTOR Hong Kong dan Macau di China ejen umum, sehingga kini, telah melebihi 20 tahun. Meiko warna terang di Jepun, Jepun mempunyai kekuatan penyelidikan saintifik yang kukuh, dengan lebih 50 tahun pengalaman dalam pembangunan kosmetik, pada tahun 2000, memulakan pengeluaran di China, kepada prinsip nilai untuk wang, berjaya membangunkan pasaran kosmetik profesional, adalah perintis industri dan diiktiraf dan diterima oleh pengguna.

No 2006, Daxing Meiko lebih mendalam kerjasama dengan warna terang, tangan di tangan di Hong Kong dengan yang kukuh, cantik (Hong Kong) Sdn Bhd kilang Kosmetik mematuhi Jepun sebagai asal sahaja bahan mentah, dan melalui pengurusan yang ketat Hong Kong dan penyeliaan pemprosesannya, tahun yang sama secara rasmi lancar dimasukkan ke dalam operasi. Untuk awal tahun 2007, lebih jelas warna menyembunyikan krim asas untuk menjadi permohonan pertama yang berjaya untuk CEPA sifar tarif import akuan domestik produk kosmetik, bahan mentah, 100% Jepun, Hong Kong pengilang kosmetik, supaya anda lebih pilihan yang mulia, tetapi untuk bertemu dengan kamu berkenaan.

Pada tahun 2009, kita masih mengekalkan sejajar dengan semangat Penyelidikan dan Inovasi dilancarkan terang MF Siri, warna yang unik dan produk yang hebat, adalah menjadi pasaran baru adalah sebuah tempat yang terang nyata, supaya anda menikmati ciptaan sempurna solek sentiasa berubah-ubah, fesyen, kreatif, semula jadi yang indah imej dan kehidupan.


1.(kod dan laman web tertera pada dasar botol):Yang tulen menunjukkan alamat web dan kod item yang betol,begitu juga dengan sebaliknya. Kod yang betul adalah 4008155888 dan laman web yang betul adalah www.naturactor.com. Untuk yang tiruan, paparan adalah berbeza. Untuk kod paparan adalah 4006151968 manakala laman web pula www.naturactor.net. (kod 151368 adalah salah sama sekali).
2.(Keselamatan): (percetakan pada kertas gores) ianya dicetak dengan perkataan "ZX", selepas  digores.
3.(warna): keselamatan kertas warna lapisan boleh diasingkan , buka atau cabut permukaan putih,(warna jernih) dan akan keluar kulit kertas hijau muda.
4.(Hologram): keselamatan hologram pengenalan, dapat dikenalpasti dengan  lampu pendarfluor, ianya dapat dilihat jelas terdapat gentian merah dan biru pendarfluor.
P/S:(UNTUK KAJIAN LANJUT): inkuiri keselamatan ,layari laman rasmi vivid color www.naturactor.com , www.vivid color. Cn atau gunakan talian bebas tol 4008155888. Hantarkan kod pada logo untuk keselamatan dan memastikan keaslian produk.
Di China, dorang sediakan kod keselamatan produk untuk produk ini. Korang tahukan China ini republik yang terlalu pesat, jadi bab bab cilok mencilok ini memang banyak. Sebab itu, kod produk memang penting. Kalau nak dibandingkan dengan Jepun, Jepun tak ambil berat sangat dengan kod kod ini semua sebab dorang punya negara kawalan ketat ke atas setiap produk memang dijaga.
Pada saya, saya lebih yakin yang peket loose yang tulen ( untuk China la) , sebab saya sendiri tengok kakak saya pakai yang loose memang cantik. Kulit nampak sekata. Untuk yang Jepun ,ia dibungkus satu kotak satu bungkus. Dan sudah tentulah tulisan kat kotak dan bekas dia tertulis tulisan Jepun. kan kan?
PERBEZAAN HARGA: Mesti korang tertanya-tanya apa hal yang China dan Jepun berbeza harga kan? Inilah yang kita kata jurang tenaga buruh. Seperti mana yang kita sedia maklum, China mempunyai kepadatan penduduk yang tinggi. Ini mempengaruhi sektor pembuatan (fakta ekonomi: Kebetulan saya adalah Pekerja di bawah Seksyen Perangkaan, dan menganalisa kadar tenaga buruh). Dengan persaingan dan peluang yang tipis,pekerja di China menerima gaji yang sedikit, jadi pengeluaran produk dari China hanya menggunakan kos yang rendah.
PERBEZAAN JULAT WARNA:China dengan kepadatan yang tinggi dan kepelbagaian warna kulit menyebabkan Syarikat ini memformulasi semula produk dari 5 julat warna kepada 10 warna. Ini berbeza dari Jepun yang rata rata penduduknya berkulit cerah.
PERBEZAAN PENUTUP: Ini memang penting. Bekas Naturactor buatan China agak sedikit bulat berbanding Jepun. Untuk Naturactor keluaran China ianya tercetak Naturactor dalam tulisan China. Tulisan pula menggunakan ditebalkan (bolt). Untuk Jepun pula, dorang cetak guna tulisan Rumi. Jadi, kalau korang punya naturactor dari China tapi tulisan Rumi berhati hati la yer.Mungkin itu tiruan.
Inilah bentuk Naturactor Tulen dari China. 
Berhati- hati jika melakukan pembelian secara talian,kerana terdapat kes dimana pengedar menggunakan gambar Naturactor  tulen di laman tetapi apabila barangan yang dihantar adalah tiruan. 

♥Pride Nana♥


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