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Tuesday, 10 January 2012Y
Fairy story(Aisya and Chinta Part II)

The king, afraid of losing his casks full of gold pieces ,consented and Aisya was commanded to appear. She came trembling and looking round vainly for Prince Khautsar. The cruel Chinta oredered four women, ugliest as witches ,to take her and strip her fine clothes ,and whip her with rods till her white shoulders were red with blood. But lo! as soon as the rods touched her, they turned into bundles of feathers, and women tired teamselves to death with whipping , without hurting Aisya the least to the world.
" Ah, kind Khautsar, what do I not owe you? What should I do without you," sighed the princess, when she taken back to her own chamber and her nurse. And then she saw the prince standing before her in his green dress and white plume the most charming pages. Khautsar advised her to pretend illness and account to the cruel treatment she  was supposed to have received,which so delighted Chinta, that she got well all the sooner,and the marriage was celebrated with great spendlour.
  Soon after the king, who knew that his wife's weak point was her vanity , gave a tournament, at which he order six bravest knights of the court to proclaim the Queen Chinta of the court to proclaim that the Queen Chinta was the fairest lady alive. No knight venture to dispute her fairnesssay to Princess Aisya!
The princess, who sat behind her step mother ,felt sure that the unknown knight was Khautsar ;but dare to say nothing. The contest was fixed for next day,but in the meantime, Chinta , wild with anger,commanded Aisya to be taken in the middle of the night to a forest a hundred leagues distant ,full of wolves,lions, tigers

♥Pride Nana♥


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Sunday, 8 January 2012Y
Fairy Story(Aisya and Chinta) part 1

    Once upon a time there lived a king and queen,who had an only daughter. Her incomparable beauty,sweetness and intelligence caused her to be by named Aisya (Named after wife of Muhammad P.b.u.h). She  was all her mother's joy. Every day she had given her a different dress,of gold brocade,velvet and satin; yet she was neither conceited nor boastful. She used to pass her mornings in study, and in the afternoon she sat sewing by queen's side. She had,however,plenty a play-time,and sweetmeats without end,so that she was altogether the princess alive.
    At the same court was an elderly young lady named Chinta,who was the very opposite of Aisya. Her hair was feiry red with dye,her face fat and spotty. Her mouth was so big that you might have thought she could eat you up, only she no teeth to do it with,she was humpbacked and lame.Of course she could not help her ugliness and nobody would help her ugliness,and no body would disliked her by that,if she had not been such an unpleasant temper that she hate everything sweet and beautiful especially Aisya. She had also a good opinion of herself, and anyone praised the princess,would say angrily, "That the lie! My little fingers worth her whole body."
     In course of time the queen fell sick and died ,her princess was almost broken-hearted. So was her husband for a year, and then he began to comfort himself by hunting. One day, after long chase,he came to a strange castle,which happened to be that the Chinta. She informed of his approach, went out to meet him, and received him most respectfully. As he was very hot with hunting, she took him into coolest place in the palace, which was vaulted with cave,most elegent furnished,where there were two hundred barrels arranged in long rows.
      "Madam, are these yours?' inquired the king.
      "Yes,sir,but I shall be most happy if you will condescend to taste their contents. Which dates do you prefer-YUSUF TAIYOOB, FLEA MARKET, AND NADIA?" and see run over a long list,out of which his majesty made his choice.
    Chinta took a little hammer and struck "tock tock," on the cask,from which there rolled out a handful of silver money.
     "Nay,what is this?" said she,smiling, and passed on the next, from which ,when she tapped it, out poured a stream of gold coins.
     "I never saw the like--what nonsense!' and she tried the third,out which came a heap of pearls and diamonds,so the floor of the cave was strewn with them.
      "Sir," she exclaimed.
      "Someone has robbed me of my good dates, and put the rubbish in its place"continued her.
      "Rubbish, madam!Why such rubbish would buy my whole kingdom"
      "It is yours,Sir," replied Chinta, "if you will make me your queen."
      The king, who was a great lover of money, replied eagerly, "Certainly,madam, I'll marry you tomorrow is you will."
     Chinta highly delighted,made one other condition--that she should have Princess Aisya entirely her own rule and power,just as she had been her real mother;to which the foolish king consented,for he thought more riches than he did of his child. So he and Chinta departed hand in hand of cave,very well pleased.
   When the king returned home, Aisya run overjoyed welcome her father, and asked him if he had good sport in his hunting.
   "Yes my child,"said he,"for I have taken a dove alive."
   "Oh,give it to me,I will nourish and cherish it"cried the princess.
   "That impossible;for it is the duchess Chinta, whom I have promised to marry."
   "She a dove!--she is rather a hawk,"sighed the princess in despair;but her father bade her hold her tongue,and promise to love her stepmother,who have over her all authority of a mother, and to whom he wished to present her the very day.
    The obidient princess when to her apartment,where her nurse soon found the sorrow in her face,and its cause.
   "My child." said the good old woman,"princess ought to show a good example to humbler woman. Promise me to please your father, and make yourself agreeable to the stepmother he has chosen for you. She may not be so bad after all."
    And the nurse gave so much good advise , and Aisya began to smile, and dressed herself in the best attire, a green robe embroidered with gold;while she fair with her scarf ,according to the fashion of the day, which she pinned and coronet with  dangling lily-figured brooches, of which the leaves were made of a large emeralds.
    Chinta,on her part,made the best of herself that was possible. She put on a high-heeled shoe to appear less lame,she padded her shoulders,dye her hair auburn with pink-highlighted,and put blue lenses in her eyes,her eyes was weighing with false eyelashes,then dressed herself in a hooped petticoat of violet satin trimmed with blue,and upper gown of yellow with red ribbons.
   In this costume,she wished to enter the city on horseback, as she understood the queens were in habit doing.
  Meantime, Aisya waited in fear the moment of her arrival, and pass the time away, she went alone into little wood, where she sobbed and wept in secret ,until suddenly there appear before her young face, whom she had never seen before.
   "Who are you?" she inquired,"and when did his majesty take you into his service?"
    "Princess,"calmly voice from page,bowing " I am the one's service but your own. I am Khautsar , a prince in my own country,so that there no inequality of rank between us. I have loved you longed, and see you often,for I have fairy gift that can make me invisible. I might longer have concealed myself from you,but for your present sorrow,in which,however, I hope to be of both comfort and assistance--a page and yet a prince, and faithful lover."
    At these words, at once tender and respectful,the princess, who had long heard of the fairy-prince Khautsar,felt so happy that she feared Chinta no more. They talked a little while together, and they returned to the palace, where the page assisted her to mount her horse;on which she looked so beautiful,that all the new queen's splendours faded into nothing comparison,and no one of the courtiers had eyes for any except Aisya.
   As soon as Chinta saw it, "What!" cried she, "has this creature the impudence to be better mounted than myself! Descend, Miss, and let me try your horse;--and your page,whom everybody thinks so much of,bid him come and hold my bridle."
   Prince Khautsar ,who was a page,cast one look at his fair Aisya and obeyed;but no sooner the new queen to be mounted,then the horse run away with her and dragged her over briers,stones, and mud,and finally threw her into deep ditch. Her head was cut several places, and her arm fractured. They picked her up in little pieces,like broken glass;never was there a poor bride in worse plight. But in spite of her sufferings her malice remained. She sent for the king.
   "This is Aisya's fault;she wished to kill me. I desire that your majesty will punish her,or leave me to do it--else I will certain will revenged upon you both."

To be continued..Don't forget to follow this.
♥Pride Nana♥


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