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Friday, 30 July 2010Y
I want to be mysef

"HOOORAY..You can do it..You Can fight it.."the journey before you ended your school life.Now..I leaved the world of it, living for my work life..Entire life,I guess..The both of the world is really different like the earth and Mars.When you comes in this life there is no encouragement or something make you proud to be here.in fact there a big boooo-er waiting for you.It was utterly different.In fact,you must be selfish even though you refused too.For me,its was shocked me out and sick me down...Huhuuu.you better prepare yourself mentally.I am really annoyed because you must and always be careful before they saws your weakness,it killed you damnly.I got once and i dont want let it happen twice..Once bite,twice shy..Isnt it.I missed my schooled times..its was never faded away.If I have a time machine I wish that I could be a better person and intelligent,and I dont want to miss anything behind.I could fix something to be extra-ordinary and memorable.I never find a foe instead a friend.HUHUHU..
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Thursday, 29 July 2010Y
aku harus bersabar

MySpaceerm..that day i got something unpleasant cross over my chest..i think it really hurt..I never feel ashamed as I through last day..I hate it and I want to ended up it.It was 27 of July where someone I should called a teacher humiliated me in front of others.I really feel that my dignity down to the earth and never be on the cloud 9. Deep inside my heart I really want to argue her but I'm not.I still remember what my mun and my KAFA teacher did teaches me."He/she is your teacher even though he/she teaches you a word".So, gripping this, I never express my dissatisfaction of her.Then, she really annoyed me,when I want to learn something she scream at me.Inside my heart the tears already raining through but I pretend myself.I really suffer in silence when I with her.She really annoying and she look like a boss in-front of me.i really want to fight her mentally but I cant.She seems like someone that totally never learn how to respect other.THE TRUTH WAS..I HATE HER,but I can't do it because she is my teacher even though I pay her for what she teaches me~
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Thursday, 15 July 2010Y
Erti sebuah dugaan

bila Allah hendak menduga kita, Dia akan turunkan dugaan itu dalam dua bentuk, kesenangan dan kesengsaraan

dan percayalah, bila Dia menurunkan ujian itu, maknanya Dia yakin kita boleh melaluinya atau memang mampu menggalasnya
La yukalli fullahu nafsan illa wu’aha
Mengalir air mata melibat slide slide yang dipaparkan. Begitu mengharukan, mengingati kembali Rasul yang begitu dekat di hati orang yang soleh.Dengan alunan muzik yang begitu menggusik kalbu. Kepergian nya memang ditakdirkan. Teringat kisah sahabat yang telah kehilangan kekasih.Begitu besar dugaan Nya dan hanya orang yang sabar dan kuat keimanan sahaja yang dapat menerimanya dengan redha. Kepergian orang yang tersayang begitu menyedihkan. dan kekasih insan yang dia paling sayang akhirnya disahkan meninggal dunia sebaik saja beberapa hari ditahan di hospital

entah kenapa aku begitu sedih dan syahdu disebabkan berita itu, apatah lagi aku hanya mampu mendengar cerita dari seorang sahabatku.

seharian duniaku terhenti. aku terkenangkan nasib dan dugaan yang terpaksa ditempuhnya. malah aku sendiri tidak tahu sama ada adakah aku mampu melalui saat-saat sukar itu kalau aku berada di tempatnya

kepada sahabatku ini, aku tidak mampu berkata apa-apa selain daripada mendoakan agar Allah tabahkan hatinya, sebagaimana tabahnya Muhammad menerima pelbagai bentuk hinaan dan cabaran sewaktu mengembangkan agama yang kita cintai ini

Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Mohonlah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dengan sabar dan solat. Sungguh, Allah beserta orang-orang yang sabar. (Al-Baqarah: 153)
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Friday, 9 July 2010Y
How To Overcome my jealous feeling

I’m not much of a jealous girl. I feel jealousy sometimes but it often passes pretty quickly and without the almost burning intensity some people seem to experience.

Still, I have of course thought about this problem and found a few ways to overcome it when it arises within. Hopefully this article can help you to decrease this destructive feeling in your life.

1) Stop comparing yourself to others
2)Develop an abundance mentality( An abundance mentality allows you to feel more of an inner emotional freedom and it makes you more relaxed and positive)
3)Surrender. And develop a habit of not identifying so much with your thoughts and emotions.
4)Think about what’s in it for you.
5)Think about what your jealousy is telling you(So thinking about what your jealousy tells you about yourself can help you to learn more about yourself, what you fear and how you may be fooling yourself)

This is how i make myself satisfied to unpleasant feeling especially the person I hate about.
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Monday, 5 July 2010Y

Renting blows.Since where we live is astronomically high in the cost of living department, I have a feeling we'll be renting for a while and we've come to terms with it. In some ways, it's nice knowing we aren't tied down somewhere. Silver lining anyone?
My family want to move to Kuching..All of them excluding me who'd no ready yet for it.I never felt in the same line with them.
I have two options for a the both place to stay on(basically). Sibu is less expensive than the place we're want to living (hooray!) and both are significantly bigger (double hooray!) Would you all be dears and read my pro/con list for each place and then vote on my poll to the left which one you think we should choose? Consider the price of each place the same (with utilities, it averages out to be equal).

1. Already acquitted by us.
2. Easy move (within our current community - down the hall).
3. Large kitchen.
4. I have a large of friend her (since we currently live in this community).
5. Some utilities are included (savings of approximately $40/month)..
6. I love our friends here
7. My work off-course: Its was easy for my confirmation
8. I'd known this place and I can say that I am familiar with this place.
9. I have to travel for Rumah panjang (HAHHA)
1. I will live here by myself.
2. There were just a fewer of my kin who live in this town.
3. I keep argued with my sister who insisted me to move at the first place

1. The biggest town in Sarawak.
2. Next to my family member(MAHAL TUH)
3. I have my peers friend when I am attend SMS,Kuching
4. We planned to buy a house here and pay for it monthly
5. I can satisfied my family feeling
1. I haven't confirmed in my designation yet
2. High cost of living (i hate itX1000)
3. I don't familiar with the road( Even though I schooled here before)
4. I don't have a travel for my census survey
5. Its was a big and challenge town
6. I don't have a friend even acquaintance in headquarters
7. Working very hectic, just doing calculation
8. Don't have a field work especially travelling programme with I prefer the most
6. In short, I hate working with Headquarters staff

Its seem like I am bias on Sibu.I admitted it becoz I LOVE Sibu not because my BF or whatever but because I love to live~
VOTE TILL MY HEART POND in ♥ with Kuching at the 2nd thought~
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BErpindah atau berhijrah..Dalam dilema.DIantara masa depan dan keluarga..shut up and take my mouth out from proceed any pungent word inside
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Friday, 2 July 2010Y

Berubah? Ke arah mana? Tentulah kepada yang lebih baik (good), benar (true) dan betul (right). Mana kayu ukur yang menentukan suatu itu benar, baik dan betul? Tentulah Al Quran dan Sunah. Yang Haq itu datangnya daripada Allah. Di atas kebenaranlah bertapaknya segala yang baik dan betul. Tanpa kebenaran, yang baik dan betul (pada pandangan manusia) tetap dikira buruk dan salah pada pandangan Allah. Apa yang datang daripada Allah – semuanya untuk kemakmuran, keharmonian dan kebahagiaan.
Kekadang kita terkejut dengan ungkapan-ungkapan yang kedengarannya begitu aneh. Ungkapan yang bukan dilahirkan oleh orang yang biasa, tetapi manusia yang luar biasa. Mereka yang mengucapkannya adalah hukama, ulama dan bijak pandai yang begitu arif tentang kehidupan. Ada ungkapan yang berbunyi:
“Barang siapa yang ingat mati akan hidup… tetapi mereka yang ingat hidup akan mati.”

Ah, aneh. Mengapa begitu ya… Mari kita telusuri apa makna tersirat di sebaliknya. Bukan sekadar untuk bermain dengan kata-kata tetapi dengan berpijak pada ilmu dan pengalaman yang nyata. Justeru kata-kata itu hanya membenarkan sahaja apa yang telah disabdakan oleh Rasulullah SAW menerusi sabdanya:
“Yang paling banyak mengingati kematian di antara mereka, dan yang paling bagus persiapannya setelah kematian. Mereka itu orang-orang yang cerdik
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ERm...I wanted to repent begin today onward.Its was NUR comes to me.I sinned a lot..Ya Allah,I want to build the tough Nana and pious Nana inside me.I want to maxemize my amal ibadat ko keep sure that I always on the right path.I promise to myself that I should be happy with my new path of life.I hope my environment can helped me for that.Major or minor sins....all are disobedience to Allah. Anas said: "You do things which in your eyes are less significant than a hair, but at the time of the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), we used to count them as things that could destroy a man~
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Thursday, 1 July 2010Y
erm...hello blogga

I don't know why am I really lazy to jot down what already happen in my life..Herm..I loved to write but about a few weeks before I felt like I lose my passionate to write..which I couldn't simplified what already happen..Maybe I am too hectic with my schedule.I am not so good in writing but I love to write.?????? Practice make perfect right?like my Math teacher always told me.If you want to be good on something..You must do the thing frequently..And its not impossible if I mastering on it.I thought to be a writer is a hard job.You always seek the issues cum information out.And the issues or information should be compact.Then,The more eyes hooked the more the better,like an idioms of ENGLISH "the more the merrier"..Dadda~
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