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Wednesday, 21 April 2004Y
arghhhh...tension tension!!!

I literally cannot explain how much i hate her. She can be really nice to your face, then b.... behind your back to everyone. She has started to nestle into my group and like best friend my best friend. She's pushed me out the way and tells my friend everything and they have their f...... stupid dnm's usually right in front of my face. They organise to go out places together and parties and s.... She thinks she knows my best friend better than anyone. She has amazing clothes and a great body and uses it to her advantage. She is a suck up b.... who constantly p..... me off. The amount of times i have cried over this b.... is countless. She ruins my day, everytime I see her I just want to scream and run away. She is the biggest suck up ever and manipulates everyone around her including teachers and adults. Everyone else sees her as the beautiful sweet girl and I've seen the worst sides. She ignores me when she's around me by myself and then pretends to love me when I'm with my best friend. She grabs my friend at parties and goes off with her and they giggle and get p..... while they leave me there. At school she doesn't even sit with us because she's off with her other friends. She never invites me to anything and thinks that she owns the group now. She pushes me out the way, has shoved me out of the group basically and makes me feel like the biggest s.... I can't tell you how much i hate this girl and I can't do anything about it. She ruins my life and I wish that I could move schools just to get away from her, she drives me insane.


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