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Welcome to sazlinashaza.blogspot.com
Thursday, 30 June 2011Y
chew a nag

It was my last day for WP3.And it beginning of my life ever I should came early to the office. The reason is because I am WP1 for this coming July 2011.First time for this year,I must take the picture to show you how "hardworking" I am. I should come early to the office tomorrow,I have to push my attendance card into the mouth of a sucker punch machine.It can suck and vomit a card automatically.Thank you so much to the inventor,I wish this gadget never invented.Yet,rules is still a rules.We have to follow it. I thinks I should taking bath earlier than before,as an idiom "an early bird catch a worm".

OMG!I just thinking about my report.It feel nuts when I come to the office with unfinished report.GOSH,my Boss must mention repeatedly about the report.Since,I am a drag queen(self-declaring) in the office,I turn into a deaf ear.I'm not an administrator assistant but I am a Statistician which my major is in calculating and economical stream.So he can't blame me if my word doesn't good enough.Hahaha..

Still cuddled in the bed,not sure how to begin my sentence for report. My belly starts singing a beat box song.Kruk Kruk..I pretty sure it is worm inside.It maybe tapeworm and pin worm wrestling inside.OK,I feed you after this,make sure you didn't make any sound after this,OK?Bubbye sayang..dada..To be continued!

JUFI(a pink babyteddy smiles to the camera-photogenic teddy)
NANO(the yellow babyteddy had a camera shyness syndrome-hiding beyond pillow)

"I wish I am the boss and can make my off happy"

♥Pride Nana♥

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011Y
I wish I am A Superhero

haha..today I am joining my friend watching a movie at Cineplex.I got no idea to escape because my friend is so excited to go.reluctantly(just in my heart,considering she had been through a busy life ever) I join them.Frankly,I'd no idea to go.Just gamble for the game I couldn't play.I am in the middle of them.Then,when we reach there,I just want to see something good,basically I don't like movie content with racism or something rough.Ok,direct to the point,my friends both like to see KL GANGSTER but I have no idea with the movie.Not to blame them at all,they have their own tenet.So we decided to take our own way .I have chosen GREEN LANTERN for my movie instead.Just me myself and I..as stubborn as a mule,they won't get me change my mind.Taken win and win solution,I told them that I cannot force them to like mine and they cannot force me to like what they like.(That Fair and ■).Herm,talk about GREEN LANTERN,I wish I could be a superhero.At the beginning,we see how rude and selfish Hal Jordan was,then plot by plot his character became better.It is awesome.Beautiful acts, beautiful music, beautiful landscapes, great actors. Masterpiece! Every minute I see this scene I fell like.... ☼♀◄►◘♠♫☺... there are no words to explain this feeling!

"takut jugak cerita nih buat orang syirik,percaya dengan cincin.."

♥Pride Nana♥
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I am Confident?not at all

From the bottom of my broken heart,I used to jot down what happen in my life via this blog.But the thing you don't know is I am a very shy person in reality.I have no guts to share my life experience to others.For instance,last week,we have a meeting.For sure I am a "wrong" person to sketch and drew a map for a site.I don't know why my mistake is seems a big biggest mistakes ever.I tried to defend myself,but I keeping weak n become weakest,nearly burst into tear.I just thinking about my pride,it not necessary to cry on someone that blame me.Speechless,I just take that for my mind resistance,so I can learn from mistake.
But,(still have a but)I hate when I make any mistake,Blamer blame me like I am a Big Miss TROUBLE.It dig down my confident..Like you bury down something in the soil until you reach an inner core of Earth..

"I wish I can repeat the time so I can fix it"
♥Pride Nana♥
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Deactivating My Facebook

>I had decided to deactivate my facebook.It was the will of my heart,nobody insist me to do so..You know what??I've been addicted to it,and the best way to stop it is DEACTIVATE MY ACCOUNT.The reason it not about privacy,but my life is ruin after I have this Facebook.Before this,I used to hold off my account because facebook is the best way to keep in touch with people from my previous live in Kuching and Belawai, some of who are all over the world now and I will loose any contact to them without facebook.
And facebook is the best casual photo sharing site out there, the people tagging works very well and because a lot of people are on facebook the like/comment bit is brilliant.
The reason why I leave facebook is that it is a big time waster. I spend most of the time scrolling every notification and most recent updates from my friend.Not to blame any fbians,it was my fault.I have to use my determination and discreation to prevent myself from negligent the time for facebook.

My Late Facebook..Innalillah~

☼"I am glad I had facebook once"☼

♥pride Nana♥
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Sunday, 26 June 2011Y
Ahad Sudah

Hello Sunday..Today I just hanging out with Kak Rosma pegi pasar nak beli barang n survey barang nak kawen,hehe(bukan kmk,karos nak kawen)..We just got a trip to Sibujaya..See how we buy a thing there.Guess what?kak Mala Bought some cap holder and rack for her own purpose.Hehe..And then she saw a cute little baby bed,So nice to see with a nice price.It so expensive,for me a baby will become a toddler then growing fast become a kid.Not a parent yet,but this is what human being life-cycle.Everybody knew this common sense!hehe..Talk about me?I am kinda fetish today..I didn't bring more money to buy a thing.For sure I am a big spender.HEhe..So I cannot bring a lots of cash..K,time up,I just want to take a bath..I feel like something stuck and suck my body..Muahh..

"I wish my wedding will be a fairytale wed"♥Pride Nana♥
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Saturday, 25 June 2011Y
my new hat

It's was me again..Buying my new hat for my work..I am worker on field so I need a hat to cover my face and head from sunray.That's should I use before but I never found the rite one.This is what I craving for..TADA!

"Topi ajaib,Buat Magik"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Thursday, 23 June 2011Y

Aduh saya diserang sakit kepala..Sorry,it been a day I skip my entry..I'd insist to write down what happen Yesterday,for sure,but my condition getting worse.Sorry my dear!How my yesterday??Ok,at 6,I'm inviting Kak Ros n Kak Mala to my dear lover house.I asked Kak ros to drive bcoz I feel little dizzy but I still can stand for it.At 6.45,I reached their home,but I'm not feeling well..As I channelled down the water into tumbler,I feel my head stuck in the air.(I still denied it was my Migraine attack).Then I eat kurma( a red date) for my Iftar,I feel ok,meanwhile my hand keeps getting bz to cook a dish in the house.I still want to do it,though they forbade me to do that, as they perceived I should eat for my Iftar.As gnarly myself,I still think I could do anything.At 7.00 pm,Akim bday celebration began,and I started to eat as usual.Once again,my dizziness applied attack upon me.I feel like a big staple stuck my head.OMG!I cant stand anymore,my pain no longer insured.I got my dirty laundry on air.With shameless,I asked to return home soon,as after I help to repackage home.It was me with a pale face and swirl over bed as I reached home.OMG!I feel so ashamed!

♫setiap penyakit ada penawarnya kecuali mati♫

♥Pride Nana♥
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011Y
Selamat pgi semua

HEllo helloo..pagi pagi saya bersuse ngan kitaurang..Hahha..today,is the best day..today is a better day..Guess what?? I'm already fasting for 3 days..my owe left 5 days..Haha..I see it was a best way for me to get healthy and stay skinny..Next time I do hope I get a curvaceous body like Miley Cyrus..Look gorges with her cuteness and her not to scrumptious body,hehe.Speak about today,what else should I do?haha,I see..today is Mustaqim Birthday,so have to bring my peer to join the birthday party and give him a cake(i hope he like the cake)It was green green cake to put on,as I loved green so much.I am the one who responsible to make a cake looks cute,because I told the cake maker baker what to do with the cake,how they should decorate.it's was not crucial indeed,yet, I love to inspired myself on the cake.Never to self-bragging but I do feel proud when my work and my effort to make a design for it will be appreciate by others.To Mustaqim,Kak Nana wish you a happy birthday.And make sure not to escape your study and never get bored while studying.Herm it's time up..I have to go now,you know what?my boss will smile if I come earlier to the office.and will smile everytime when I worked hard++++smart....

☼malam tadi suasana agak panas,sukar nak tido☼

♥Pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 21 June 2011Y
Jiwa Gelora

Hari nih boss tiada..apa lagi..gelak sakan ler..hehhe..best nya kalo boss takder,p yang tak best kalo kena tinggal lam opis sorang sorang,kesiannya aku..pastuh pulak tengok muka menyakitkan hati jer.Memang susah lah kalo tiap hari berdepan ngan org mcam nih,baik tak payah jer..benci!..Astaghfirullah,kenapa la aku ni jahat sngat.kalo orang buat jahat ngan kta xper,tapi jangan kita yang pepandai nak menghukum diorang or jadi macam tuh..asal ler aku leh hilang kesabaran yek..Ya Rabb,bukakanlah hatiku agar redha dengan ketentuan-MU..Amin!

berubah dan menahan kesabaran dengan apa yang orang buat

♥Pride Nana♥
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Monday, 20 June 2011Y
Tudung ka shawl?

Semenjak dua tiga menjak nih,Nana suka sangat pakai shawl.Dulu Nana memang pakai tudung jer,sebab kalo pakai tudung,dia evergreen la..sentiasa ada..Masa nih,zaman kegemilangan shawl, so Nana pun pakai n follow la .Ikut trend la katakan.Nak tahu kenapa??taknak la bagitahu..EHEH!ok ok,kita bagitahu,sebenarnya kita suka pakai shawl bukan apa,sebab shawl ni senang sikit nak ator n xperlu nak iron..Jimat karan kat rumah tau.Pastuh pulak,xperlulah nak ator lipat sana sini lagi,sebab sekarang nih shawl pakai serabai pun orang cakap trend..Makin serabai makin banyak la follower..Yeke??hahha..Statement berani mati..Bukan apa,tengok Hana Tijima Simpson pesen serabai pun masih lawa,makin hari makin ramai follower.Haha..Since it was her job to spread the multi-fashionize of hijab style(tudung lam melayu),makin ramai la awek awek luar sana yang follow her style.Memang nampak style sungguhkan?rase rase nya kan kalo la pesen nih orang pakai dalam era 90 an nak tak orang follow???hehe..tepok dada,tanya selera...http://www.emocutez.com

»tak kisah orang nak pakai apa pun,janji tutup aurat«

♥Pride Nana♥

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Haa..Dah tahukan?Hari ini saya puasa untuk ganti posa yg rongak tahun lepas..Hehhe..Perempuan punyer pasal..Bukan sengaja pun..Pagi tadi kita xsempat nak sahor,bukan apa mata nih ralit nak tidur.Pastu pulak xda selera nak makan sorang,yang lain suma tak posa.So,kta terpaksa posa niat jelah.Time posa nih,suma nak dijaga,dari amalan,hiburan,pandangan.Takleh nak over sangat,kalo ada yang menyakitkan hati sabo jelah.Nanti tak pasal pasal Makhruh posa,alih alih boleh pecah..Anyway,it's time to go..Saya kena pergi opis yek,nak jadi a best best worker la katakan..Yeke?Sebenarnya saya nak isi minyak,pastu nak punch card,nak dengar kak lehot.Nak buat keja..Biarlah keja tu sempurna,so gaji pun berkat suma..Time'up..Dada..

"ku harapkan Hari ini lebih baik dari semalam"

♥Pride Nana♥..
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Sunday, 19 June 2011Y
kawen kawen..

Ha,bukan ana yang nak kawen tapi kawan ana..Jodoh dia da sampai..Hehe..Yahoo..ana pun tumpang gumbira.Harap jodoh Kak Ros dengan pasangan nya kekal.Tadi ana jalan sama dia,survey barang hantaran..Nana yang pening tau,banyak duit nak guna..silap silap satu kedai boleh angkut ke rumah..Why I choose this topic to post ya??8cely,I just wondered how people want to get married is it..From dowry to the delivery of goods for both couple.Huh,marriage isn't easy as it seem.A lot of money to spent on..,a lots of thing to do.From A to Z,we organise the theme color of wed day,then a door gifts for guest..Aiyo!!..running budget! But ,for me why dont they do a simple ceremony as The Syariah recommendation.Just perform akad,kadi and witnesses, and as well with Dowry.Then,We just live together like the others couples and It good and a better way to save money for a newly wed..For instance,if we set up for a big ceremony then we owe to the bank(some people),it must be a burden.Why I said that?you will be the one to settle up the debt..just because nosy people around you talk about your dowry or what so ever,then you spent more on your wedding ceremony.But the one to set up the money after?who stand stay,there must be this couple right?So why just you provide as sanctioned only..Don't care what people said and what they are think of,it your life.As long as you didn't committed anything deviated and astray from Ad-din(religion)..That all..I am apologize if this article offensive any reader, but honestly I have to say it is my opinion only,and I have to be honest to stand my own..
♥Pride Nana♥
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Friday, 17 June 2011Y
Jumaat Itu Indah

Salam sejahtera suma...Apa khabar????Harap anda suma waras..HAha..Lagakku seperti pembukaan konsert.Jumaat hari ini kan?Alhamdulillah..Dapat kita harungi satu lagi Jumaat,semoga hari ini lebih baik dari semalam.(nampak Skema kan??).I loved so MUCHH Friday.Ianya adalah my best best day ever.Sebab Jumaat penghulu segala hari,lepas tu pulak cuti.Jumaat tiba,jantung berdegup keriangan,keasyikkan dan lastly keseronokkan..Jumaat!Jumaat!I lap you.OO Jumaat kalau boleh cepat cepat la engkau datang dan lambat lambat engkau beralih ke Sabtu,,Saya Sayang Gila Pada Jumaat..HAri Sabtu pulak lambat kan la masa berputar..hermmm..Lumrah alam,manusia takkan pernah mensyukuri apa yang ada..

╫ooo..sinar harapan..kembali terang...╫

Pride Nana♥
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Thursday, 16 June 2011Y


Apakaba orang kampong lama sudah tak berjumpa ..kirim salam pada semua...Herm,today i dont feel motivated to jot down what happen to my life..Hurm..kinda boring..My sister and her pappa in law are leaving..No body yelling at me when I am wrong n no body smile n laugh at me when there something funny here..Mummy!herm,I tried to make myself engross with seeking a song that feed my Brain Bashing.It kinda creep ya.Crying??I have no point to deny it..So,in the office I feel laka Indonesia Sinetron_Cinta Melody..(how Melody waits for Elang to come back)..but in my case,I am Waiting for Dorothy to came in..Waiting someone to come back early to the prison??it nonsense if she'd surrendered early ..Maybe Dorothy have opened the door of off then make her Liberty way out from off ..OOO..DO,help me..(Yelling deep inside-hope for telepathy really really do work)

Still sticking glued to the Lappy...ASTAGA!I HAVE to perform Solat Maghrib...Bubye dolls,have to go..miuah muahhh..:*..takare~

♂still hope for Miracle♀

pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 14 June 2011Y

<<<<-----Gambar tiada kaitan dengan post....
Haaiiiii..hello haloo..(versi Kak Lehot)..Lawa tak my newly look of this blogskin..Haha,,inilah hasil kerja mata saya tak dapat tido malam tadi,sebab itulah kadang kdang idea nak mengkretifkan diri ini datang secara tiba tiba.Haha..Malam tadi,Nana tak pat tidorrrr...pola tido da berubah semenjak balik dari HOLIDAY..Hehhe..Holiday always dlam pikiran saya..Kawan kawan luar sana,Kalo mata tak bleh tido jadilah cam Nana,buat blog tak pun baca buku agama ker..ada jugak hasil nya kan..hehhe.,btw,I miss much more my old chat box..Nanti nak try to attch here,so anyone can post ur chat here,campur plak Bhasa,saya sebenarnya bukanlah terer sangat mengarang pun..SPM pun cukup makan jer BM,p da suka sangat nak merapu n release tension,karangan saya dalam blog pun da tahap merapu n meroyan macam babon..hehhe
Ikhlas dari hati untuk semua,,,Cheh
♥Pride Nana♥


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Monday, 13 June 2011Y
Cuti cuti

Herm,firstly, nak cakap I miss all of you..herm,macam la ada yang membaca??hehhe..Lama sudah saya tak update entry..dah bersarang entah melware ke apa..Herm,then,,untuk 2nd, third saya nak crita pasal cuti??you know what mean by cuti??HOLIDAY..YAhoo..best sunggoh..sambil tengok tempat orang..Apatah lagi dengan keluarga tersayang..suke sangat..ada mak,kakak2,abang ipar,anak buah..kakak ipar..macik n anak anak nya..Ahhha,Bahagianya..(Double Yahoo)..herm,balik dr cuti memang semangat keja down,bukan apa,Holiday Spirit still curled up tightly..hehe..Pastu tus keja..P gembira la sebab masa keja jumpa my friends n peer..Diorang boring masa saya takder..hehhe..Ada jugak orang nak carik saya..best la pas nih nak cuti panjang lagilah,saje kasi diorang rindu..Herm,talk about HOLIDAY..money flawn then,credit to myself sebab terlalu "pandai" manage duit..Pokai jugak poket balik dari HOLIDAY..means saya kena berjimat sampai gajian..Hahah lama itu,da tu pulak baju saya belum diambil lagi ngan taylor..OMG!!!pasnih nak amik terus sebab takut orang tuh x nak baju saya lagi..waaa!klah, time to shut my eyes.bye bye..
falling asleep,,ZzZ
♥Pride Nana♥
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