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Monday, 8 April 2013Y
I am not good at any changes

To be true I'm part of greatest denial of my heart. I know it sound crazy but I have to admit. I am not good in everything, though I reminded myself that I can do everything and mastered instantly everything in my life. For this April month, I got a very sensitive issues of my work. Thanks to my boss, the way you ruined my good reputation  for about 3 years I am stick with my department is the best way to condemned me. Firstly, I almost cried myself out as the tasks of alien to me come out and the worst was, when I got the great tutor with instant instruction of my work. I'm screwed. Yes, I did. Thanks a lot. You know what I felt, it like this..
This expression shown how I am right now..Stop stressing me out!
As my great tutor (indeed ) give my instruction that I felt hell constantly comes shackled me down as I got no way to run. He , yes he rules me with the most annoying things. My car for instance broken as he drives it like hell. When we run our times doing our field work, he drives my car like a rally car. It formula one car and then, everything got loose, it's broke my alarm, scratches  everywhere and my exhaust part losing down from it place. I felt like I wanted to killed him and buried him 9 inch from the ground. *killer* killer*.  I imagining how Katie Geldman in Safe haven killed her physic husband. Bang- the shot design for your ego, Bang- for your worst tutor, Bang-for broken down my things..and bang..bang.. and counting.

how dare you?
The task, the tasks.I am not good in it. Every day, I tried my best rebuilt my strength as it weakening day by day. I felt every things seem headed to hell. I am not good on it at all. Last week, I learnt new things, I have to catch every things up in just a week. It like I am swallowing myself  into shredder machine, torn and recycle. Would everyone will give mercy? Never. Do your own business. It's time to burst into lovely little angel in-front of bosses. There no more devil as devil should be vanished.Bang! As I tried to re-capture everything, I missed and longed for my moment when I was in my old workplace. It's haven, but why should I being the first to depart? Why? As there a lot of option and I'm dare to say that I am excellent on it. Am I so stupid till them ditched me to other section?Omg... I am torn!
"Wait Nana, there something you should prove. Something they couldn't imagined that you will excellent and mastered on this". I promise to myself, "being excellent and Don't look back as the history just a reference..Just move ahead". I am excellent, yes, I am! Do what I want to do and don't think too much what people might said because they will talk about you anyway.

Pride Nana♥
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