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Tuesday, 15 November 2011Y
spoiling the spoil car exhaust

Hola,Welcome to My blog anyone..Nice to see you all again(is there any?)heee.First at all,thanks to browse,to comment and to shout on my chatbox.Thanks reader,it is the sign that my blog is still alive and not evanescence yet.hee...
Back to main topic,life is too fast(merapu la Pulak)..hee,my car's exhaust is rung a big ring.It not an usually  sound should exhaust produce.It's seems like a turbo rally car sound.I got dizzy to drive in this car.This sound really annoyed. My friend insisted me to repair it,just ready to withdraw an amount of cost.I knew it was.
hermmmmm..I able to manage with this problem today.It really tired to find but atleast I got notified by my friend the place where I can get the cheapest plus the quality ones.Thanks my dear friend,This how a friend should be.Thanks God.

(sitting awkwardly on the chair,my eyes blinked at the screen,blankly)
 ♥Pride Nana♥
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