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Saturday, 13 July 2013Y
Hi...I'm back


It's been a long,drawn out hot minute and let me first say : I've missed you. But most importantly: you've missed me.  No, what, that's not right. Hey? Let's not get bogged down the details, the point is I'm here and I'm new woman.
That right: a new, fresh faced ( albeit a little more freckled), soul-searching woman with a mission. See, when lose someone important things your life ( death, heartbreak, a friendship breaks up or some combination of three), you're forced to reevaluate your life. Or I chose to do that because the other option-going down the google rabbit hole of "HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE"- became an option that had no end in sight and made me feel lousy for longer than I could stand. And do you know what I realized? I love feeling good. Not only that, I want to fell great about my life, about who I am and about the choices that I've made.

As you probably know, I'm being transacted to other section. And busier than ever sometime makes you feel that you're worth enough to be a great worker. It's like you learn the hardest part, but the end of it you will taste the sweetness of success. Same with you, we have to move on to every gestured of world had treated us. No matter how hard or how callous it was. ok? Bloggerssss, it looks like I tried to be a motivator for the moment. Maybe that was the efect of the freckle starts to blooming on my baby-faced face.Puahhaaaa! Wek! ok, see you next time with fresh and sweet-witty me when I comeback. Will update you soon.

Best regards,
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