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Tuesday, 24 August 2010Y

herm..Bloooooooooooooooooooooooom inside..Why?OK let me explain...First my Boss saw my possibilities to hooked other eyes(in work form la)...I know it from my friend..not a self-praise,k.I was on leave that day because I am not feeling well..They talked about Our staff..Then,My boss(which I don't believe until now) said:I saw Nana have a big potential to be a leader compare to another staff,She can learn fast and absorb like a sponge..I couldn't believe it..I knew I am new but how can the spotlight was on me???It was good in fact,but I think my works is really particular with others..herm..Hehhe..as a normal person it really a booster for me..I worked even harder than before..I hope I'll keep the spirit lingers!GO..."aku pengarang amatur:nana
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Thursday, 19 August 2010Y
Menstrual during Ramadhan

last night, I feel my life is really Anyone else have this? It doesn't happen all of the time for me, but today I've been having really bad dizziness, and it's been a heavier period thus far as opposed to the last several months, which had been on the lighter side. I was doing my regular daily work-out today and I literally felt like I was going to pass out, like the room was spinning. And even once I stopped, sat down, and drank some water, ate some lunch, I still felt super lightheaded. Herm..I am fasting that day,but when it was 530pm I felt so bad..Then, Huhu..I opened my fasting just an hour to break.I loved my fast but I cant keep it because of it!
~aku pengarang amatur:
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Wednesday, 18 August 2010Y
Pilih kasih

Life is not all roses...I hate how my co-worker treats me.She really annoying me.I'm respect her but when I think what she do to me,I hate her..I tried to see thing through rose coloured but I failed to because I cant controlled my envious feeling..I hate her.she really choose whose she want to be her friend.In short, she have judgemental that I couldn't simplified what she seeking for..Till then, I never want to be her close friend because I am disguised for what she done.I never felt comforted when talk or be friend with her.I think I could be somebody else when I am with her,I cannot be myself because I'm tragically hate with her judgemental type.Enough!!!! and i don't want to turn myself to be what she want so I just be her co-worker friend not Bff ,for sure!Her judgemental type really drive me nuts.My intuition rose that she really choose who she wanna be-friend so,as a precaution step I just entertain her when she asked me..I never do a stupid thing such as buttered her just to get granted to be her friend..sorry, i have a lots of friend and i am be-friend with every one..I never choose who I am should talked to because I believe everybody have bad and good itself!aku pengarang amatur:Nana
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last day, i am drove a car with my Mohd Ibrahim bin Junaidi..k, nak dijadikan cerita..ada sebuah bas Teku yang guna jalan jugak...bas ini dengan slumber badak nya Over take jalan guna jalan kanan..dalah jalan tu under construction.mak aih dia potong 4 buah kereta sekali gus...wow!!!!!.Hebat..ko memang hebat driver bas..Nasib baik ko tak langgar orang atau ko tak terbabas..Yang aku angin sangat, dalah jalan one way,yang belah kanan tuh still Under construction, jadi takleh guna bab berlopak lopak n berbatu batu(diorang nak besarkan jalan), bas tu boleh pulak pecut macam bawak moto..kalo moto aku tak kisah...dia terbabas pun sorang sorang taklah libatkan orang lain..Ini tidak,Bas???Yes Bus..Off Course!melopong mulut aku bila orang tuh dengan slumber je potong tanpa rasa takut..Teringat aku 2 minggu yang lepas..Aku asa bas nih jugak yang bawak n potong kat belah kanan ari tu,guna jalan Disa..nasib baik aku ari tuh guna scooter kesayangan aku..masa tuh aku tak der la heboh sangat bab aku guna scooter,so senang menyelit..Berbalik dengan bas nih tadi, dia nak over take area Jalan Disa kan?kat depan bas tuh ada apek ngan anak die guna basikal..Standard la kan,diorang gunalah jalan Under construction nih.bab jalan yang bagus tuh kenderaan yang bermotor yang banyak guna..p, bas yang cerdik tapi bodoh nih bawak laju kat lorong kanan sehinggakan orang yang guna basikal tuh terpaksa kayuh cepat.kesian aku tengok.bas tuh da sejengkal lagi nak cium bontot basikal tuh..kalo aku apek tuh, siap la bas tuh..aku amik no flat dia,jam berapa n movee dia potong sekali pastuh buat aduan...uhh..macam bodo jak~.aku pengarang amatur: nana
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Tuesday, 17 August 2010Y
i am more confident

Nervous while driving?i did at first but later just imagine that you are riding your bike at a park with a bunch of other bicyclist. it feels natural to you.yahoo..at last, I can drive a car without fear.I cant breath like bird..sing like a thunder,ahhha...Now ,I can make myself calmly.thanks To my Mohd Ibrahim bin Junaidi for being my private tutor.Now i feel so free and I think I want to buy a car at the first place.ok,if i buy a car,Now I am 22, my loan will be done when I am 31.Maybe I am getting married that time but at least I have the asset.I love the way i i thought right now.first and foremost, I am targeting a great car and even better for the budget.I already read an article "comparison between perodua and proton"(between Viva and Saga)..there a lots of reader vote for perodua car..Saving,ergonomic,and Eco-friendly (they said) which I prefer the most..BUTTTTT!!! i think Proton is great too..With elegance look, it really melted me down.Saga esp,It really looks like imported car and very very very dynamic.Hence,the larger space of it comforted others(passenger).But my sister never encourage me to buy Saga indeed because it remind her with her car.(fully-damaged after involved in a road-crashed that killed 3 people on it) .Created by~nana
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Thursday, 12 August 2010Y
Farewell Event

Last Night i am attended Farewell Event for our staff..It was so coool..Hurm..I am the emcee that night..Huuu..its was really clumsy.At first, I got a nervous feeling, my trachea couldnt worked well..It was shivering .Then, after a few second, I can undergo it fluently..Anyway,Thanks Guy for encourage me to do that..Atleast I got a spotlight ~
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Wednesday, 11 August 2010Y

Yahooo...Alhamdulillah..At last,I'm in Ramadhan month.Thank you Allah,I still breath beneath your sun. At the first day of Ramadhan, I feel so tired for Sahur.I couldn't opened my eyes.Look like I am idle.My sister already cooked a Mackarel Dish(Cook with Lemon Grass and tamarind)..It so delicious.Yum Yum..Today,It gonna be nervous+excited+sad+Happy because we are celebrating for Majlis Berbuka Puasa and Majlis Perpisahan for Perpindahan Kak Norasmah and Persaraan En David Leong.Gosh,..Im sure the butterfly will flapping it wing because I am responsible to be the emcee..Huhh..EMcee????Am my word is good enough..huuhuhu..But for sure I hope to I can be The Best Emcee.That was my side "Job" when I am attend schooled for SMK Meradong..(Being Emcee incharge during any event esp. assembly).Huhu..Whatever~
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Sunday, 8 August 2010Y

cute owh!Subhanallah~
Hari tok sikda apa maok polah,After having lunch,terus my eyes catch on TV..Sik miss nga Melody an Nona.Herm..Kacak rupa empuan pengacara Nona Ya..WAISEH!!!.Tang cute semacam..Herm..teringin juak maok jadi kedak ya.I mean,being fluffy skin,lady-like,fairer ,incredibly smooth, impossible to resist and yeah! you name it.Ei,I'm not lesbian ,k.I just adore her for what she look.hehe,gamba atas ya kan pengacara Nona ya p nya mpuan lam ayat ayat cinta,huh..just ngkah gambar yang pada pikiran kmk beautitas candidate bah~
SUBHANALLAH!Look like gorges kan?salu jak guna perkataan ya..I like the gorges mean bah.Heran owh.I dont know what should I write?Maybe burlesque?.owh no~I DONT.I don't think I am Good in burlesque, in writing either.But I'm good in watching, listening, and anything fun. As I loved this kind of entertainment no body can distracted me. You know what, I am a TV's lover since I know what does entertainment mean..NOPE? I am not party girl,Off-course!!See the leg la,kmk sik lah nak berdengah ka apa..p, kmk kan jenis camya.Kmk arap akan kekal kedak tok selama-lamanya.Erm..Correction!!!mek maok jadi yang lebih baik bah.Be a better person tutur omputeh tek.Herm.aih,sorry la look like waffle this time,I don't quite know how to burst up the topic yet.Still, confuse!!.Klah,mek nak agak ke HPA mart lok,nak meli set sabun mandi bagi molah skin mek jadi supple and fairer like Pengacara Nona ya.Sigek juak,mok nanga testimonial untuk golongan skinny bah..Tedah, Orang maok kurus mek maok berisik.Ehem..Ehem..tauk tauk jak la size kmk tok~Whatever la!
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Saturday, 7 August 2010Y
The last Airbender

Noah Ringer

Last night, I movie-ing with my Bf for Avatar the last airbender.It was so coooooool...Credit! to the creator of these story. Previously, I saw it in animation,not 3D off-course. I loved to saw Katara and Aang falling in loved,but this cannot be happen because if Aang falling in with Katara,he cannot be last Avatar(the one who'd responsible to be a peace maker and combine the energy of fire, earth,wind, and air-benders).When I saw the movie of it, it really cute Aang, Katara inside.You must watch this.Nice story, but when you see this, you usually have quite low expectations. Predictable? Not...any minute.. Dull and Boring? Nope. It's actually quite amusing. Can you guess the ending from this resume?...You can not..so go to cinema and watched yourself~


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Friday, 6 August 2010Y
Burst into Bloom

MySpaceLast day, I got a test.Then, Huh!!!!ermmmmmmmmmmmmmm...hahha..I got excellent on it.Thanks God,there no doubt ,I evoked prayed for it..(Solat Hajat and Reciting Al- Fatihah 41 times before Subuh Pray)..Guy, It really worked and it calm myself as well.Talking about last day, I got a new friend. Not too sure,but I use a friend word because we seemed like knew each others before,although we dont.Maybe some of friend out there think we just acquaintance..I chummed up with them ( shakila, Faizah, and Nurul Ain).We collaborated to cohort for victory.Cliche??!!Haha..What else?I hope soon my dream and desire will comes true.I esteemed it privilege to be passed on the test. Feel so horror- sticken like I did maybe 4 years ago (when I am settled down my final score for STPM ).At first, I hoovered at the door, too afraid to go in. But my determination consisted me to go in. And, consequently..Success lingers on me.The hurly -burly of another student drowned me. Luckily, I can focused to myself (introvert) so that they seems to be gone in my sight.I know if I inattention to detail I'll fail. The outcome of mental preparation is crucial, it will usher in the beginning of peace or otherwise..calm is better than nervous right?
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Wednesday, 4 August 2010Y
baby cute

adorable but simple..that all i want to say..she's really gergeos..
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my baby

HELLO buddy,,I already use http://morphing.com to see my baby like..when i am matched my Bf and my face it was a girl face proceed..wah...she really cute and lovely.I cant take my smiles aways..she just so adorable,,The mouth is really like me..ahhha~look like my BF mum face..baby, I love you~Then, I tried again in different face,(a new faces but still both of us) it was exactly like my gen..Chinese look upside..(my BF..chinese look but still the eyes clover downside)..hehhe..
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Tuesday, 3 August 2010Y
On Cloud nine

Thanks at all, after having hectic day, at last i got a leave..MySpace..Thanks Boss you granted mine..I love you for this.Hahaha..Obviously,I am buttered my boss.Yes!!! I am!.Back to the main reason why I want to leave,It was a huge Test for me on Thursday.(Even though, it was a tiny test for someone else).It really challenged my innermost spirit. I promise myself if I could pass on it,I will fasting for 2 days(puasa nazaar). I just requested a leave on it solely for preparing myself mentally and physically.I was too nervous,couldn't control my feet.Ya Allah, I wish you granted my prayed...Amin~
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I got a fever

MySpaceherm..today my body temperature reach 38 C. I was too hot and I got so many meds that I need to take because I also have flu and colds. I had paracetamol (PANADOL ACTIFAST), Acetylcysteine Fluimucil as mucolytic, Co Amociclav Bioclavid for cough. But the best medication I got was that made me feel better is the tipid sponge bath my mother gave me, I feel so much better now and it costs nothing compared to all my meds.
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Monday, 2 August 2010Y

We're midway into futsal and it has been an interesting game. The coming months are going to get more challenging which is why we will be working even harder to give more satisfaction on us. Play Futsal During Ramadhan?
To start,congratulations to the winners of Futsal Piala 1 Malaysia.The lucky futsaler went home with a trophy and money worth RM 2,500.00
With over 30 Futsal team, We are enjoyed every game we played. And it get better when we played last game we got a score. At last, we proof to another team that we are great.
Our insane deal was we want to play badminton to join BADMINTON TOURNAMENT. Instead of Futsal, these featured games was simply tough and hard(hand stretching)
In line with our futsal games, we've recently planned to play it continiously. With so many exciting tournament line up this year, I hope we are active so that we can be in touch between us on the latest updates.
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