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Welcome to sazlinashaza.blogspot.com
Sunday, 17 July 2011Y

My nephew Shazani follow me to Kanowit.hush he really drive me nut.Herm,PITY me.I just want my pillow back.O tiresome,here,some pic of him.He's a child with strong self-willing,so I can't push him to do what he refused to..T-T..(I do some work there-it was Internationally official-ISO thing)
mermaid??he he..such a fairy tales..
"I wish to wish you wish to wish the wish you wish to wish but if you wish the wish your friend will not wish to wish then your friend will not wish the wish you wish to wish.What could be the possible wishes?"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Saturday, 16 July 2011Y
Fern leaf lover

I am fern leaf lover,a biggest secret ever.Since I was young,I loved to eat fern leaf so much.Differ to my sister which prefer chicken the most,I like this veggies so much.During my childhood,if there no fern leaf I will not eat my dish.I don't know,why I love this veggies so much.Herm,my sister doesn't like vegetable,she is meat-eater.Pity my mum,she had to cooked two different dish for both of her daughter. Thanks god,I am craving for something cheap,easy to get and full with vitamin..To my sister,Suziana binti Saji,I knew the meat is delicious but please re-chapter again Biology book.Don't take to much meat for your dish..(know what I mean right?)
here,some picture when I picked and plugged a fresh fern leaf,it thrive without the need to be maintained
smell the freshness

herm,handful with fern leaf

"Something scared me,I hope it will not happen"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Friday, 15 July 2011Y
my friend poker face

Salaam 1 Malaysia,peace..no war ,please do this correctly.raise your index and middle finger in the air.I just want to post about Dorothy my co-worker,she just imitating some one crush on me while she driving.I just sitting down and take picture,and I saw her face funniest ever n ever,heehaws.moral of the story,don't tried to imitated over someone,it a bad bad sinbad..hahha.

mocking around..her mouth almost fall out..

"To him,sorry I am taken,so stay on distance"

♥Pride Nana♥
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My Expression

Here some of my face expression..Enjoy ya..
wassup dude?
i am happy

huh..want 2 sleep..

i dont see anything..

detective is born..


pretend to be cute..haha
Dont mess around
sob sob..






♥Pride Nana♥
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Thursday, 14 July 2011Y
Cut your hair..my dear

It was me again.as I promised you that day I will post my entry about my ♥.At First,I am taken by MOHD IBRAHIM BIN JUNAIDI(self-locked).Know what I mean?.Ok,Back to the topic,a few days before we are watched movie at the cineplex.As we waited for the show it 5.30 pm and the show begin at 7,I suggest him to cut his hair.Since I feel his hair is like withered veggies. The saloon is in-front of the Cineplex,so we wagged down and down till we reach there.It was all girl hair stylish there.As we darted into the shop,they welcomed us and assumed that I am to use their service.Ha ha..Then my  ♥ asked if they cut for a male.Like I expected, they just nodded.(they will never refused and impossibly say no to MONEY).But the most surprising us is there no picture for guy style.O.O,we got a wrong saloon.and my ♥ asked me to told them what should his hair should be.Repeat2 a word,he he...I don't want to talked more but it's annoying and I hate so much when they relaying on."It was some one's hair.Please do your courtesy.It's not your white mice experiment"-nagging feeling inside.Then,at last,the hair is become worst.I hate to say it,but it maybe his nightmare.I just said the hair is OK to cooled him down.(It was a bad idea,and I feel so guilty)..here the picture..DENG,don't you marah as I attached by,OK?
Capture:me(hold the phone),my ♥(white mice experiment)..Girls there and here..(saloon doctor to be)
it a relayed race..they pass everything to the peer..PITY!

"erghtt..my lappy start to flick the screen,it shrink and expand automatically"

♥Pride Nana♥
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i just passed it

Alhamdulillah..At last I passed my exam ..
Teori Luar [Lulus]
Konsep dan perhitungan[Lulus]

Yah..At last,I passed exam successfully on the first trial..

"it's on the pins and needles"

♥Pride Nana♥
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hua hua

Tired..want to sleep..*sleep*
muah..mb next time I'll update you!

♥Pride Nana♥
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011Y
i dont understand what it is

As I browse the recipe for red claw lobster,I found the match part of it.Then I browse to the page of it..The result,

Bahan Sup Udang Galah
  • 50 gr Udang galah
  • 1 liter air
  • 3 siung bawang putih memarkan
  • 2 cm jahe memarkan
  • 1 batang serai memarkan
  • 1 lembar daun kunyit
  • 3 lembar daun jeruk
  • 1 sdt garam
  • 1 sdt kaldu bubuk
  • 10 cabai rawit merah
  • 6 buah belimbing sayur
  • 2 buah tomat potong-potong
Cara Membuat Sup Udang Galah
  • Cuci bersih udang dan tiriskan.
  • Didihkan air, masukan bawang putih, jahe, se rai daun kunyit daun jeruk dan garam.
  • Setelah mendidih kembali, masukkan udang galah dan kaldu bubuk, masak hingga udang matang.
  • Masukkan cabai rawit dan potongan belimbing sayur, tomat, masak sebentar, angkat.
  • Sajikan hangat.
This recipe taken from here,but sadly I don't capture a certain word in there.Huhu..It's Indonesian accent so I don't know what it is.herm..Help me to cook please,I am imagine my dish will be cook as a soup mix sooohun inside..YUM yum..<---swallowing my saliva..

"the red ant is baiting me...OUCH!"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Hari ini

[√]-key in
[X]-watching TV
[X]-Pampering 2 days back
[X]-Pampering today
[√]-feed Calico

herm...huhu..very lazy today..herm..i got to scroll another page,k..muaah..i need an information about lobster..( a mangrove lobster,I guess so..)hermm..ok sayang..time to rolling up and down..

"I wish I have machinery cooker so I just lay in my bed till the dish ready"
♥Pride Nana♥
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Thursday, 7 July 2011Y

picture taken from here
HELLO SEMUA..Herm.tok my bumblebee..cute nya tok..nya tok la yang layak dipakei insan lemah seperti kmk..O bumblebee..ShiA Labouf,ketepi lok..ku nak makei keta..hehe..O bumblebee,ktk molah mek iris kowh..tauk pa reti iris ka?iris maksudnya gak,ataupun leh juak padah obses sikit..Herm..ingin na mok ada BUMBLEBEE..yeah kita raun pei ke bulan.Bunuh decepticon sekelian..nak ngancor bumi..Herm..mun bumblebee tok nang ujud,mok kmk nak makei nya..O..lak ngala keta mek wana kuning pa nya jak la..NEy tauk keta mek tek maok juak kiut miut upa ya juak..aiheh...bumblebee nang kacak..O doreamon,jadikan kenyataan..Doraemon g bertapok lam shelf oii..merajuk..klah,kmk mujuk nya lok,sesak g napas nya lam ya kelak..


♥Pride Nana♥
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AhAK..have you seen TRANSFORMER..THE DARK OF THE MOON yet?It super great movie..I'd watched it,and AWESOME!MASTERPIECE!GREAT!herm..I really enjoy every part of it.It's was full-house last wednesday nite,crowded with people just to watch this movie.Me and my love enjoyed Mr Potato..It's Yummy..And it enhance the good feeling.Yesterday,my love is transforming himself..From the sammy vellu look to Kpop star look.AIHEH..Melelat indah saya ooo..kepak sungguh saya ritok..yalah ngrepak x tentu pasal..Katok ada entry sal kitak my love oo..kmk g nak mengentrykan cita pasa bumble bee lok..k..daa

"I wish my baby merc is BUMBLEBEE"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011Y
Perfume dealer

Hekk...Today is like a hectic day for me.As Statistician, we r very bz like a bee..My supervisor supervise me for the field work.He bathing with anxienty ..8 last,he'd surrenderred..Hahah..That's you should know how hard my work is it. At the eve,there comes my GDEX COURIER..Yeah my perfume is here..and as a perfume dealer,I just gave it to my friend and my ♥ ones.I gave him 4 pcs with is consist with his friend perfume.Then, I just remember Mijah asked me about her brand new lappy doesn't connected to wifi.Not to bragged,I tried to convince her that maybe i can fix the problem..And for sure I can fix the prob..Hehe..She Must Spon me A cotton candy..Yeah..sweet mouth!TO the one I ♥,sorry I didn't post entry about you yet,next time I will spend a time just to write and essaying about you.<---Sulking after fighting!

"I am enjoying yahoo-ing"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Sunday, 3 July 2011Y
I have to finished my report

this photo taken in my usu house -a day I am attending my cuzzie wed

Today,it's me again..YEAH!It's should be me..No body can post entry for this blog except me!HAHA(laughing like MR.BEAN).Herm..It's about 2 days I left you,Sorry..I don't have a time to post any entry.Why I am skip?It's my cousin wed yesterday.I should and it's compulsory for me.On Friday afternoon(after 5 ++),Me and Kak Ros conveyed with two car,a trip to Belawai.Then at 9 we reached there.(it a funny story,we're stuck and lost in Tg Manis about 1/2 hour)..Sorry Kak Ros,Tg Manis is my place but I am not familiar yet.

The Day after,
Woke up at 6,take a bath and whatever,we are moving forward to Sibu again.I am with My mum,my sister n my brother in law and my nephew.I feel like a long journey because I just drove around 90 to 80 KM.My mum monitoring my meter.Sorry mum,I used to drive about 110 or 120 when I am on a long journey..the smoother road,the faster car..hee
We reach there around 8 nearly to 9 am,seeing each others waiting to the bride and broom to come. ERGHHH.. we kill almost 2 hours sitting on.Then,they are showing up.After fete our hungry stomach,we just go and left them.Be sure, I am a little bit irritate with @#$%^,the ceremony is not a well organise.

Then,after going there and here,we left Sibu at 5,with my car.Kak Ros is sitting next to Kak Sitom and Shazani.forget to introduce,Kak Sitom is my sister,Abang Anet is my Brother in Law and Shazani is my nephew,we just use only a car.Kak nor n Arin(my sister and other nephew with Kak ros before) and also Abang Anet left as they waited for my sister hubby to come.We arrived at 6.35 pm..

Today,I woke up very late,it almost 9.HUHU..Gosh..my mum didn't wake me up,as she knew I am extra tired today.I have sleep debt syndrome.After 2 pm as I promised to Kak Ros to go back after Melodi, we just move off.Yeah Sibu,WELCOME BACK!As I am home,I go straight to my room looking forward to the minute draft.GOSH..i didn't finish any.still,my bed is like being robbed by a rude robber,it's mess up and I can't stand it.With my unfinished minute report and my messing room,it tangled me up!I hate it..wooooo...Cry me a river..


[√]-sketching map
[√]-Key in my data
[x]-cleaning my bed
[x]-minute report
[x]-blog walking
[√]-call my mum
[√]accompanied Kak Ros to hair stylish
[x]-dry-ironing clothes
[√]-done with an entry today..hehe..

We are running late..

"i wish my car is automatic trans"

♥Pride Nana♥
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Friday, 1 July 2011Y
Be a Good Girl

Wallahaw!!YEPPI..=P..I am a good girl today.I came early in the morning to the office,it was 7.02 pm when I reached there.Last nite,I had trouble sleep bcoz I'm thinking about tomorrow.It a negative taught-how if I couldn't wake early tomorrow or something like this.As a result,I don't have a time to place perfume's order(opsst!!!:I introduce you,I am a perfume dealer cum detox patch dealer)♦---shameless myself..Hahha..And my perfume is on demand now.

Talks about today,it was FRIDAY n I am planned to go to BELAWAI to fetch my mum n sis for my czn wed.It'll b held on this coming Saturday.Mum,IMY..ILY..Herm,I think that enough for today..K,dada..I leave you with some inspired pictures..Browse and scroll down ya..
i am smile through camera..
this is my punch card →proven!!
"easy for a good gone bad"
♥Pride Nana♥
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Phew,my unlucky day

Picture taken from here

Yesterday..all my trouble seems to far away<---lyric stanza for YESTERDAY Song..But it different for me,yesterday is my unlucky day nearly to ill-fated day.At the first moment,I buy a reload for my hand phone. Then I go to the office for work.Wallahaw!!As I reached the office I noticed that my reload coupon gone,it was missing,all my stuff being rummage but I never found it.I thought it maybe my fault!huhu..Still hope it can be found soon.STOP the story about Reload CARD.

The day was shining then at the eve it become a rainy plus a little bit stormy.I'm not even care about it because I use a car,so it was not a problem at all.After 5.25 pm,it's time up!I must lock and seal office door,as the level up stair is vacant,I lock the door.It have 3 doors to lock down.As I scroll down the last door(the aluminum door sealer)it was stuck,there have a part out from the rail,and it cannot pulled up and down.As my blood run cold, I asked for a hand.Thanks God Dorothy had came and show me some charity.Unfortunately,the door became worst,the spoiled became major as she pulled it abruptly. I am nearly jump into a my skin,scared what had happen,Dorothy with her slumberous loudly monkeying on me as she said as long as she there,this is the first time the door spoiled.And I am a Barbaric person who first ever damage the door.Laughing at each other till it cannot fix.Last,we asked for help to Abang Ding and Abang Omar.Still,they both cannot rectify the situation.I leaved it like that and go home.

Herm,I drove pretty slow today,it was rainy,so it's hydroplaning which is a wet pavement on the road for any vehicle.It is a Science Nature(you should know about torque and rpm<---Physic Theory).I deliberately go to the shop I bought my RELOAD today and I re-top up RM10.Then,after take the card,I turn my back to the door and my eyes reconnoitre every part and side.Then I saw a card near the door,I pick it up.
Guess what?it's mine.Still virginly scratch less,Alhamdulillah,my pray to ALLAH.

YAHOO!!At last I am home,but Still worry about the door,I am quite
devastated girl.Still concern about it.I just sitting at the living room
we have a guest.And I watched for Cinta Masal drama. At 800Pm,I
begin preparing a dinner.I re-organize the cooking cutlery into
it own place.As I place the spatula and spoon to it place,the
rack holder fell everything inside,make a noise sound,Thanks
God,there no splatter plate,but it still put a shame.Then we
eat, Kak Rosma take a plate and scooped the rice into her plate
.As she open the rice cooker's cover,it hit my hand.Drastically,
I pulled in my hand and my dinner is flying all over the dish.The
guest smile and it was really embarrassed me.YESTERDAY,
it was my unlucky day which I faced double triple times of lorn.

"I wish today I have an EXTRAVAGANZA Lucks"

♥Pride Nana♥
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