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Saturday, 10 November 2012Y
for broken hearted girl

Can you lend your ear for a minute? This song is really heartrending song I've heard. It's played repeatedly on my lappy, car and mobile phone. I loved this song since 1 Nov 2012(even this song published maybe a year before,maybe?) since my friend playing cool shoulder on me, For unknown reason. So sad..=(.

    Being neglected by your friends(especially the one you loved the most) is hurt.It burn out your mind and sometimes effected your whole life entirely. (grrr-I just imagine making angry sound by Spongebob pet's-Gary...).It like buried yourself alive to see your friend laughed at others meanwhile at the same time,they gave opposite feedback to you. I never blame her on what was going on,I just blame myself,maybe my attitude drive the madness and angst in hers. IDK,I just assume it to be that way. You know how I loved every friendship of my life,it's infinity. I promise to myself I'll seeking a friend till the end of the time(eheee..Like the current title of the movie). I know, it sound crap,but I do. As long as I can,I will depend any friendship in my life,my target at the first place is, 
♥be-friend with anyone..and always be.
♥To be enemy of nobody.(the same meaning of never find enemy and foe,in short, ENEMY-Zero)
Hurm, recently, she back,normal and gave me the same friendly smile and feedback as I wish to GOD to bring back her smile in my life. I promise to myself I will change my bad behaviour,(mood swinging,perhaps)..VANISH ENTIRELY,NO STAIN LEFT. I hope everyone surround me do love me as I did. I love 'em very much.

For your pleasure, as my ears got a real pleasure listened to this song, I hope you enjoy it.DO research for it meaning,ANNYEONGSEYO.

♥Pride Nana♥


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